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What is a bath Lift

Bath lifts are designed to provide confidence for those who have difficulty getting into and out of the bath. Furthermore, a bath lifter can help maintain and maximise independence, promote dignity and may help reduce the reliance on family and/or carers in maintaining personal hygiene.

What is a bath lift and why is it an ideal choice for bathroom accessibility?

If your mobility has decreased quite a bit and you’re no longer able to enjoy the benefits of a nice long therapeutic bath, you may benefit from a bath lift.

Walk-in bathtubs seem like the preferred choice but are not always an option due to expensive costs or structural configurations. This is where a bath lift comes in. A bath lift is a power-operated lift that raises and lowers you in and out of the tub. The lift charges through a battery pack which is charged before and after use.

Bath lifts are operated with a hand-held remote control. Suction cup feet secure the lift into the bottom of the tub. A scissor mechanism raises and lowers you in and out of the tub.

Two flaps rest on the edge of the tub to enable you to transfer into the seat section of the lift. As you descend into the tub, the flaps descend as well and fold upwards allowing you to fully submerge in the tub. When you raise the lift again once your bath is finished the flaps will raise as well and position back in place on the edge of the tub for transferring out.

If you have trouble getting or off the bath lift, some models offer a rotating seat base which means that you can simply swivel into the right position from the seated position. For severely disabled users, we can also provide a lift in and out bath seat that uses a hoist style arm with a suspended seat.

There are many different models that are suitable for a variety of users. Contact us for impartial advice on which particular product could be of benefit to you.

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