Bath Lifts and transfers: Aquatec Orca Bath Lifter
AquaTec Orca Bathlift
AquaTec Orca Bathlift
AquaTec Orca Bathlift
AquaTec Orca Bathlift
AquaTec Orca Bathlift

Aquatec Orca Bath Lifter


The Orca familiy is comprised of superior quality and durable bath lifters that are designed to offer comfort, safety and reassurance to those most in need of support as they bathe.

The Orca incorporates increased leg room, ease of disassembly and an ergonomic, floating hand control that contains the light weight battery.

It has has an impressive weight limit of 140 kg (22 stone) as standard, while the Orca XL will support patients up to 170 kg (26.5 stone).

An emphasis on ergonomic design allows the Orca to sit lower and further towards the back of the bath, giving increased leg room for deeper and more relaxed bathing.

The increased height of the backrest provides full support whilst upright or reclined.


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superior quality and durable bath lifters that are designed to offer comfort, safety and reassurance.


  • Reclining backrest
  • Quick release hand control
  • Battery with Sony technology
  • Auto unlock for quick removal from bath
  • Available in Blue or White

Features and options

Invacare Orca Bathlift features and options

Compact Hand Control

Safe hand control fitting Two-piece design Textured seating surface

Orca bath lifts incorporate a revolutionary lightweight battery contained within the ergonomic hand control. Raised profile, coloured buttons and an emergency stop feature allow simple, controlled operation to give reassurance and independence.

The hand control connects withing seconds to the back of the Orca, providing a secure and completely watertight seal. Effortlessly released with just one hand.

When pushed forward the Orca's backrest folds down and automatically unlocks. The backrest and base section can then be removed with ease. The 2 sections fit neatly into one another to give an extremely compact size for storage.

The Orca has a textured surface allowing use without covers if desired. The side flaps are hindged flush to to the main seating surface and allow comfortable and safe transfers without entrapment of skin.

orca bathlift further options
Supported transfer option Refresh kit option Height adapters option Large oyster cups

For those who require additional support during transfer, the Aquatec Trans allows the client to slide into the seat and swivel into the bath with the minimum of effort

The Orca refresh kit comprises a full set of covers, oyster suction cups, side flap diverters and user guide. Ideal for re-issue

The Orca can be adapted to suit a full range of bath heights. Height adapters can be quickly fitted to the bath lift base.

These extra large oyster cups allow the Orca to adhere to steeply curved and textured baths providing exceptional stability and safety. These and smaller cups are available as an option


More features and options


further Orca options and features
Transport bag option Non-slip cover mats Fast Fit Pommel Easy to clean

A sturdy canvas bag with wheels for discreet transport and safe storage

Product code: 14586AQT

Cover mats are available in white or blue and are easily removed for machine washing at 60 degrees

Product codes: 1525933 (12 cm) 1525932 (7 cm)

A cost effective and easy to fit optiopn (available in70 mm and 120 mm diameter in blue colour only)

Product codes: 1525933 (70mm) 1525932 (120mm)

The open, clean-cut design of the Orca combines with its smoooth surfaces to offer effortless cleaning



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