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How to adjust your bathroom?

We offer straightforward bathroom adaptations for you or a loved one struggling in and out of the bath every day. Whether it is by installing correctly positioned handrails and bath steps, or by converting your bathroom to a wet room. If you need to be able to walk straight in and out of the showering area, or for wheelchair users to be able to roll in and roll out, we have the solution to help you.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is an open showering area (or level access shower) that seamlessly blends into the rest of the bathroom. This creates a level access floor with no obstructions or steps, with all drainage set into the floor. The result is the creation of a beautiful, uncluttered floor area that is easy to maintain and can easily allow access to mobility aids like shower commode chairs.

Why sould you implement bathroom adaptations

The bathroom is an especially dangerous place for the elderly – hard surfaces, small spaces, lots of corners and edges, and slippery water set the perfect stage for accidents and falls. They make it easier for your older adult to take care of everyday needs, reduce the risk of falls, and help them remain as independent as possible.

Having the confidence to safely perform personal tasks like using the toilet or bathing boosts your older adult’s self-esteem and mood. And increased safety means less worrying.

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