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Can a stairlift be fitted on any stairs?

Modern stairlifts can be fitted to most stairs, but the cost and feasibility of installation will vary depending on the type of stairs you have and what features you need to be included with the stairlift.

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What factors affect stairlift feasibility?

The shape of the stairs

Stairlifts can be fitted to straight, L-shaped, and curved stairs. However, curved stairlifts are more expensive, take longer to manufacture and require custom installation. This does not apply to the new generation of modular stairlifts which can be fitted in a straight or curved configuration and are reasonably priced. Follow this link for more details on modular stairlifts.

The width of the stairs

Stairlifts normally require a minimum width of around 28 inches (71cm) for straight stairs and 30 inches (76cm) for curved stairs. This will allow room on the staircase for family members to pass by the stairlift more easily. If your stairs are narrower than this, you may need to remove the handrail or install a narrower stairlift.

The weight capacity of the stairlift

Most stairlifts have a weight capacity of around 150-200Kg. If you weigh more than this, you will need a stairlift with a higher weight capacity.

The type and location of power source

Stairlifts require a 13A 240V power outlet near to the stairs. Many installers will include the price of including a dedicated powered spur close to the stairlift, if there is no available source nearby.

The length of the stairs

Stairlifts come in different lengths to accommodate stairs of different sizes. You will need to measure your stairs to determine the correct length stairlift for your home, obviously this can be done by us for free when we come to conduct a stairlift survey.

Is a door at the top or bottom of the stairs?

If there is a door at the top or bottom of the stairs, it may need to be modified to accommodate the stairlift. Or you could consider a “power hinge” or “”slide track” which solves the problem by moving the stairlift rail away from any access points or doorways.

The angle and shape of the stairs

The angle and shape of the stairs will determine the type of stairlift that can be installed. A stairway with and bends, landings or multiple floors will need a curved stairlift.

The height of the user

The height of the user will also affect the type of stairlift that can be installed. If there are any bulkheads above the stairlift and if the user is taller than average, a custom stairlift may be necessary.

How to decide if a stairlift is right for you?

If you are considering installing a stairlift, it is important to consider all of the factors listed above. You should also talk to a stairlift dealer to get more information about the different types of stairlifts and their costs. Stairlifts can be a great way to improve your mobility and independence. If you have stairs in your home and you are having difficulty using them, a stairlift may be the right solution for you.

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