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Head protection helps if someone has epilepcy

Children and adults suffering from epilepsy are at a greater risk of serious traumatic head injuries due to loss of control during seizures. Protecting your loved ones from head injuries should be a top priority for you and any healthcare professionals involved.

We have a range of head protectors that can help in many cases. From our “standard” HP1 to our flexible HP5 models, each is designed to provide protection against injury during epileptic seizures, falls or self-harm. Some of our models include additional “add-on” protection that can be added to the front or rear of the helmet if required.

We offer these different models of protective helmets which can be chosen depending on the severity or risk of harm. Our range helps you take the right steps early to mitigate the risk of causing more unnecessary harm during seizures.

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Sleep, bath time and hydrotherapy head protection

To avoid harm at night-time we provide our sleep protection model (HPS) that is made of super-soft leather on the outside and has an even softer breathable liner inside.

We also have a model HPA (Aqua) made with a stretchy soft neoprene outer that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and resistant to chemicals used in swimming/hydrotherapy pools, simply rinse the protector in clean water after use and leave to dry naturally.

We produce our head protection range for toddlers, children and adults and can even produce “custom” models to fit your needs exactly!

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