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Medley Ergo Low with floor cushions
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Medley Ergo Low Profiling Bed with options

Medley Ergo Profiling Bed Range

The Medley Ergo Profiling Bed Range

The four sectioned profiling mattress support allows for a range of height combinations, providing an ideal position for the carer and comfort for the client. The newly optimised mattress platform sections reduce shear and friction when the bed is being adjusted and prevents the client from sliding downwards.

The Medley Ergo Low offers the same benefits as the Medley Ergo but lowers to a 210mm height to maximise safety for vulnerable clients who are prone to unexpected bed leaving.

Optimised dimensions of the mattress platform

The mattress platform sections boast optimal dimensions designed in accordance with anthropometric statistics and pressure mapping recommendations.

The  Medley Ergo range offers:

■  Increased comfort when sitting
■  Reduced shear and friction
■  Minimised risk of sliding downwards during profiling
■  Also suitable for shorter clients


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Improved functionality and efficiency

The  Invacare  Medley Ergo range has been specially designed for quick transportation to meet the needs of the transient working environments of Community Care provision. The Medley Ergocan be supplied on a transporter kit so the bed can easily be moved and installed. In addition, any assembling can be done without the use of tools or technicians.

Height not an issue

The flexible design of the Medley Ergo range allows the bed to be mounted at a low height, or a higher position if preferred, creating a range of working heights for the carer and transfer heights for the client. This is facilitated by the unique feature of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted in both upper and lower positions.

Full length side rails

Available with wooden or steel full length side rails. Wooden extendable side rails (150mm) are also available.

Scala 2 range

A range of collapsible three quarter length steel side rails available in various heights.

Crash mat helps to prevent injuries

In the event of a client falling from the bed, a foldable mat can be placed on the floor and attached to the Medley Ergo Low for added safety. Order code: 1494608.

Medley Ergo Low

Medley Ergo Low

The height of the Medley Ergo Lowbed offers increased security for clients enabling them to sleep with real peace of mind. The Medley Ergo Lowsits low to the floor, (210mm in height) which, combined with a floor mattress, reduces harm from falls. Carers also have the option to raise the bed to a more suitable height when necessary. The Medley Ergo Lowmakes it easier for clients to get in and out of bed, providing more independence for those who can self transfer. The Medley Ergo Lowis dual height adjustable, offering a 210-610mm and 280-680mm height option to suit a wider range of needs.

Homely design

The Medley Ergo Select offers an attractive, homely design. Also available as a retro-fit to the Medley Ergo and Medley Ergo Low, this aesthetic bed end cover fits with precision onto the bed actuators and can be removed at any time. The leg supports are equipped with a Rastofix to enable individual positioning for the legs. Medley Ergo Select can easily be dismantled and stored, using a transport adapter for moving and storage.


Features and options:

Lifting Pole

Can be adjusted in both height and depth (optional).

Select design for Medley Ergo

The homely design of Medley Ergo Select can also be retrofitted (optional).

Height Extender

Height of full-length wooden side rails can be increased by 150 mm (optional).

Easy to transport

Medley Ergo beds are easy to assemble and dismantle and can be transported using transporter kits (optional).

More Features/Options 2

Double height positions for bed ends

Adjustable height range for Medley Ergo of 330-730mm or 400-800mm. Medley Ergo Low 210-610mm or 280-680mm.

Optimised dimensions of mattress platform

According to anthropometrical measurements, the optimised dimensions reduce shear and friction and increase client comfort.

Mattress support extension

Extension kit for increasing mattress support length by 150mm

Transport fitting

For easy storage and transport.

Hand controls

Available with or without lockable functions



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