Luna IPx4 Ceiling Track Hoist
Mangar Luna Ceiling Track Hoist
Mangar Luna Ceiling Track Hoist
Mangar Luna Ceiling Track Hoist
Mangar Luna Ceiling Track Hoist
Mangar Luna Ceiling Track Hoist

Luna IPx4 Ceiling Track Hoist

Luna’s total flexibility and elegant shape marks a breakthrough in innovative Scandinavian design, making it the preferred choice for home care, institutional or hospital use.

Luna is a fixed and portable overhead lifter in one unit, providing unmatched versatility. Combine Luna with an Ergolet track option for an effective, versatile system.

The Ergolet patented hooks on the spreader bar ensure safe, simple sling attachment while the ergonomic hand control enables a safe and easy transfer.


  • Class leading design and functionality.

  • IPx4 protection class. Tolerates watering.

  • Patented Ergolet hooks on spreader bar, simple and safe to use, with a range to suit standard, paediatric and bariatric needs.

  • Versatility for fixed and portable applications.

  • Clean and simple state-of-the-art-design.

  • Weight capacity of up to 275kg / 605 lbs.

  • Easy charging via hand control.

  • Available IPx7 hand control that can be immersed in water.

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A great product has been made even better still. The innovative Luna ceiling hoist / lift with its unique Scandinavian design and excellent functionality has been upgraded to include many new and advanced features.

New features: The Luna is now IPx4 tested for wet environments allowing safe transfers in bathrooms free of the risk of lift failure if the unit is inadvertently showered with water. The hand controls are both IPx4 & IPx7 tested, tolerating exposure to showering and full immersion in water, respectively. In addition to the standard powered emergency lowering function on the hand control, there is now a second emergency manual lowering function on the Luna itself, easily operated in the unlikely event of a complete lift failure. Finally, there is the new screw lock connector, a secure and reliable mechanism to hook up the hand control to the Luna lift.

A truly unique Luna feature, which differentiates it from the competition, is its ability to be used as either a fixed or portable ceiling hoist in one and the same unit. Simply reverse the Luna unit, select the appropriate spreader bar, and fixed Luna becomes portable Luna and visa versa. This is a cost effective incentive for institutions who need only invest in only one modular model to cover all their lifting requirements. Another distinctive Luna feature is the unique quick release mechanism: a simple twist and turn movement detaches the lift from the track in just a matter of seconds, without tools.

Combine Luna with Ergolet’s extensive programme of ceiling and unique wall mounted tracks, and you have a system providing complete lifting and transfer solutions to meet the latest requirements in the health care sector.

Other noteworthy features include: Ergolet’s patented spreader bar and sling hook system ensuring safe and simple sling attachment, and the ergonomic hand control with its charging function and optional top or bottom cable exit.

Key Standard Functions:

  • IPx4 tested for wet environments
  • Weight capacity of 200kg / and 275kg.
  • One lift: fixed or portable options in the same modular design.
  • Emergency lowering functions on hand control & Luna motor.
  • Charging through the ergonomic hand control on wall mounted
  • Docking station.
  • Patented Ergolet sling hooks.
  • Soft start and stop motor control
  • Electrical and manual emergency lowering
  • Electrical emergency stop
  • Low battery indicator (visual LED)
  • Charging indicators
  • Power on indicators
  • Overload protection
  • Emergency brake system


Technical Specificaiton

Max Capacity:


Length of Lifting Strap:



6.7 kg w/o spreader bar


320mm X 130mm


100- 240 V, 0,5 A

Time of charging:

Appr. 4,5 – 5 hours to fully charge empty battery

Lifting speed down:

44 mm/sec with 89 kg load

Lifting speed up:

30 mm/sec with 89 kg load

No. of lifts per charge:

50 lifts of 0,5m with 100 kg




High Impact, moulded ABS



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