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HP-S Sleep Protection


An exceptional light protector with good deceleration qualities and a highly defined fit, soft, breathable leather and soft yarns are used for processing and adjustable chin strap provides good hold.


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The comfortable soft padding made out of a combination of various foam types, will guaranteed prevent unpleasant pressure whilst sleeping.

This head protection is particularly appropriate protection for patients, which sleep fitfully and because of this are exposed to certain hazards. The workmanship conforms to the most demanding quality standards.


  • Chin protection


  • Velcro® fastener
  • Fixlock fastener

Perfect Fit

PerfectFit® system overcomes several difficulties that are often encountered when trying to assess for head protection as it gives an exact scan of the shape and size of clients head. This scan is then used to produce a 3D print of the clients head and this enables us to build a perfectly fitting head protector which'll offer the maximum protection from the day it is delivered. It can also also be used to monitor patients head.

Technical Details

  • Padding thickness: 4 cm
  • Head circumference: made to measure
  • Padding: Hard foam + Marshmallow foam+ cotton wool
  • Outer material: leather
  • Lining: leather
  • Total weight: approx. 270 g


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