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HP-3 Head Protection


This protective headwear is distinguished by its improved materials for an even higher wearing comfort.


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The upper leather is high-quality, toxin-free coloured full grain leather. The leather used for the inner lining is made of slightly perforated soft calf leather which makes it breathable as well as regulates heat and moisture.

The closed upper side offers additional protection for those at risk of falling. By attaching the velcro sun-shield the head protection becomes the “sporty” variant.


  • Chin protection
  • Forehead protection 
  • Neck protection
  • Velcro sunshield


  • Thorn buckle (standard)
  • Velcro fastener
  • Fixlock fastener
  • Strengthened thorn buckle
  • Magnetic fastener

Perfect Fit

PerfectFit® system overcomes several difficulties that are often encountered when trying to assess for head protection as it gives an exact scan of the shape and size of clients head. This scan is then used to produce a 3D print of the clients head and this enables us to build a perfectly fitting head protector which'll offer the maximum protection from the day it is delivered. It can also also be used to monitor patients head.


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