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HP-4 Maximum Head Protection
HP-4 Maximum Head Protection
HP-4 Maximum Head Protection

HP-4 Maximum Head Protection


The construction of the model Maximum Protection is based on the “sandwich” principle, in order to absorb and spread any impact or shock force.


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The construction of the HP4 is based on the “sandwich” principle, in order to absorb and spread any impact or shock force.

Available to order with additional "enhanced" protection option with a padded front peak and the "enhanced PLUS" option which is designed for rearward impacts to the head and has a bigger protection pad worked in to the back of the headwear. Ask us for more details if you require additional protection.

For very serious cases we can also incorporate additional protection for the chin, cheeks, ears and even a shatterproof full face visor or additional padded face protection.

Head Protection 4 plus visor and additional protectionHP4 Enhanced PLUS back


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An additional impact resistant and shatterproof hard foam shell is worked into the protector on the outside of the occipital area, to absorb and spread any occurring forces to the entire construction of the occipital area under rear impact.

The Protect as well as the Protect Plus are made of high quality toxin-free coloured full-grain leather and are securely and firmly fastened by chin and neck straps. Here too, the fasteners for the chin strap are selectable depending on indication.


  • Shock absorbing high tech foam
  • Extra face protection designed for patients with special needs or facial protection.
  • Choose between different types of leather (Our high quality standards of quality applu also to coloured leather)
  • Calfskin so it regulates heat, humidity & breathable.
  • Padding: Hard foam
  • Weight: approx. 280g
  • Outer material Leather


  • Chin protection
  • Forehead protection 
  • Neck protection
  • Velcro sunshield


  • Thorn buckle (standard)
  • Velcro fastener
  • Fixlock fastener
  • Strengthened thorn buckle
  • Magnetic fastener

Perfect Fit

PerfectFit® system overcomes several difficulties that are often encountered when trying to assess for head protection as it gives an exact scan of the shape and size of clients head. This scan is then used to produce a 3D print of the clients head and this enables us to build a perfectly fitting head protector which'll offer the maximum protection from the day it is delivered. It can also also be used to monitor patients head.


Download the price list of our Perfect Fit Head Protection product: