ProFlex Mattress Overlay

Invacare ProFlex Mattress Overlay

The ProFlex Overlay has been designed to be used in conjunction with an existing mattress to provide a cost efective Pressure Ulcer Management solution. Designed for those at ‘At Risk/ Increased Vulnerability’* of developing pressure ulcers.

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Effective pressure re-distribution

The contoured foam provides pressure re-distribution and cradles bony prominences. Made from high quality foam, the ProFlex Overlay offers a good life span and the possibility of the overlay "bottoming out" is reduced. The overlay sits on top of the existing mattress to provide a comfortable surface for the individual.

Even weight distribution

The ProFlex Overlay has cut foam castellations to help to reduce shear and friction forces.


  • Cover. Cover is multi-stretch, water-resistant and vapour-permeable that prevents a build up of shear and friction forces against the client.
  • Anti-slip base cover. Ensures safe use of the Propad Visco Overlay and helps prevent slippage.


  • Size: 1875 x 876 mm
  • Height: 85 mm
  • Total product weight: 5.5 kg
  • Max. user weight: 108 kg
  • Max. cleaning temperature: 80º
  • Colours: Baltic blue