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Invacare SoftCloud PRO Mattress

The Alternating pressure mattress for individuals at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.

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Established alternating pressure technology

The Softcloud PRO is a mattress replacement system constructed of air cells that gently alternate to disperse unwanted pressure. Recommended for individuals at high risk of pressure ulcer development, it has a 10 minute cycle (1 in 3 cycle) and permanently inflated static air side walls to offer firm side support with semi stable transfer platform. It also includes a special heel section for delicate heels and 3 static head cells to provide full comfort.

Intuitive control units

The SoftCloud control units benefit from an intuitive display which can be used to adjust comfort levels by providing either a 1 in 2 or 1 in 3 alternating pressure mode along with a static option.

Furthermore, an auto detect feature allows the control unit to automatically sense pressure from the body and adjust the pressure level accordingly. The control units feature both visual and audio alarms, which will activate in the event of low pressure or power failure and benefit from an alarm mute and panel lock function for ease of cleaning.


  • Intuitive design. A modern and intuitive control unit.
  • Self-sensing and auto adjust. Offering the correct clinical support to ensure individual comfort.
  • Maximuminflate mode. Provides a firm surface to ensure healthcare professionals can change the bed linen and reposition individuals.
  • Handles. For ease of mattress handling and transportation
  • Sheet loops. Allows the bed to be loosely secured to the mattress whilst ensuring access to the CPR tag.
  • Zipped cover. 360-degree zip on top of cover, facilitates complete removal for laundering.
  • Hinged back. Designed for compatibility with a profiling bed to prevent distortion of the air cells. (Pro only).
  • Cable management system. No trailing power cables.
  • CRP tag. In the event of a situation where CPR needs to be administered, a quick release tag is attached to the mattress, which when pulled, deflates the mattress immediately.
  • Transportation mode. A transportation clip can be attached to the hose to ensure consistent cell inflation during transport.

Prevention and management of pressure ulcers

Established alternating pressure technology is recommended for round the-clock prevention and management of pressure ulcers, when combined with an individualised monitoring, repositioning and wound care programme.

Healthcare professionals often encounter situations where a individual may not be able to tolerate, or have access to, frequent repositioning. In these circumstances, the EPUAP recommends using an active support system as part of a pressure ulcer prevention or management plan.

The Invacare SoftCloud™ mattresses and overlay are a range of high quality active support surfaces, designed for individuals at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. The alternating pressure within Invacare’s SoftCloud range has been designed to mimic the natural protective environment of regular spontaneous movement, by redistributing pressure several times each hour, even if the individual does not move.


  • Width: 83-88 cm
  • Length: 202 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Max. user weight: 220 Kg
  • Colours: Dark blue