Heavy Duty Stairlifts: Handicare 1000 XXL Straight Stairlift
Handicare 1000 XXL Stair lift

Handicare 1000 XXL Straight Stairlift

This heavy duty straight stair lift can hold up to 31.5 stone. Making it the strongest stair lift on the market.

At the moment, even the leading manufacturers have weight restrictions of 25 stone. Thankfully, Handicare have released the next generation 1000 model, the XXL. This heavy duty straight stairlift can hold up to 31.5 stone. Making it the strongest stair lift on the market.

Key Features

To accommodate larger person, not only does the 1000 XXL have a larger weight capacity, it also has extra features to make this lift much more suitable

Extended Seat Base - The extended seat design is now just under 17 inches (425mm) from back to front making things much more comfortable.

Extended Arm Spacers - Handicare have also widened the arms on this lift to a massive 25 inches (637mm) as opposed the the normal 22 inches (550mm) so makes things much more spacious.


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Features continued...

XXL Velcro Seatbelt - A new style of seat belt has been added to this model of stairlift where you are comfortably held in by an extra large black belt which fastens with Velcro, making things much easier for our customers.

The Foot Plate - The XXL stair lift also comes with a few options when it comes the the foot rest. The lift comes standard with a manual platform. However it comes with two options, the first one is powered  from the seat, so when the seat of the lift is raised, the footrest will automatically lift in unison. The alternative to this is the arm powered option, this is where the lift will be fitted with a button under the arm which will raise and lower the foot plate.

Centralised Power Swivel - This unique feature is an excellent safety feature as it means your journey up the stairs is more balanced, and the swivel action is much more stable too. Having the swivel located on a central column as opposed to the usual being to one side, means that it will mean you’d be turning on your natural centre of gravity rather than on your left or right side.

These stair lifts are designed to blend in with your home as much as possible.  You can choose from a wide variety of upholstery options and colours, however some options will require a longer delivery time. It is also installed on a slimline track so it takes up as little space as possible making ur stairs fully accessible to anyone else who might need to use the stairs.