Steplifts: Pollock Step Lift Systems 1m to 3m
Pollock Step Lift 1m
Pollock Step Lift 1m
Pollock Step Lift 1m
Pollock Pit Mounted Step Lift 1m
Pollock Step Lift 1m
Pollock Step Lift 1m
Pollock Step Lift 1m

Pollock Step Lift Systems 1m to 3m

With a host of new and improved features and now featuring a more extensive range offering a variety of platform sizes, entry configurations and bespoke options to suit your environment. Including through entry, adjacent entry, bridging and pit mounted options

  • Pump unit is integrated within the gate offering reduced vandalism risk

  • No need for separate control unit or pump location

  • Easy access to pump for servicing

  • Easier and faster to install

  • Simpler to use

  • More compact

  • New stylish protective bellows - more rigid/durable

  • Improved IP 67 rated switching (waterproof) with easy service access

  • Easy to use emergency lowering system

  • 1 day installation - minimal builders work

  • Can be relocated

  • Low maintenance


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The next generation in elegant step lift access solutions

The 2-piece system Independence Steplift systems from Pollock Lifts continues to provide strength and modern aesthetics

Optional Features

Optional Features:

  • Variety of platform sizes: 740 x 1400; 800 x 1400; 1100 x 1400 mm
  • 5 configurations to choose: through entry, adjacent entry, pit mounted, bridging step and bespoke model
  • Range of gates to suit made out of aluminium, glass, stainless steel and brass
  • Automatic gate open and close
  • Choose from alternative RAL colours
  • Vandal guards on call stations
  • Braille buttons
  • Remote control
  • Customised control options
  • Bespoke designs and finishes

Safety Features

Safety Features

  • Battery operated hydraulic power with mains back-up
  • Key operated call stations
  • Full platform safety edge as standard
  • Fully enclosed scissor system
  • Bellows type mechanism guard
  • Mechanically and electrically interlocked gates
  • Auto reverse safety system on ramp
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Battery power will work in the event of power failure
  • Locking system to secure ramp in UP position
  • Designed to BS 6440, TUV and CE approved