Straight Stairlifts: Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift System
Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift
Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift
Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift
Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift
Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift
Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift

Simplicity+ Straight Stairlift System

The Simplicity Plus Stair lift offers you a safe and cost effective way to overcome the challenge of climbing your stairs.If you are thinking about installing a stairlift the Simplicity+ offers you a safe and reliable solution.

Handicare Stairlifts have helped thousands of people overcome the problems posed by going up and down their stairs at home.

The Simplicity+ straight stairlift offers you all the basic functions that you would expect plus the option to upgrade to a powered seat swivel and/or folding foot plate.

If you have an obstruction at the base of the stairs, you can choose from a manually operated hinged track or the unique Slide Track that is only available from Handicare.

With a choice of six upholstery colours the Simplicity+ will compliment most household colour schemes.

The track is fitted to the stairs, not the wall, so it is unlikely you will need to redecorate following the installation


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The Simplicity+ has a battery backup which means it will continue to work in the event of a power cut so you do not need to worry about being stranded up or downstairs. The compact unit folds up leaving the staircase free for other users and the Simplicity+ also comes with two remote controls which means, once folded, you can move it along the track freeing up space in your hallway.
The Simplicity+ stair lift will come with a range of safety sensors that are designed to stop your seat if it meets any obstruction as you travel up the stairs. It has an easy release, retractable seat belt for added security and peace of mind. If you prefer you can have an easy fasten Velcro seat belt.

The operating toggle is easy to use, simply hold it towards the direction you wish to travel, up or down, and your Simplicity+ will move smoothly and gently on its way. The control is conveniently located at the end of the arm leaving both arms clear to provide unhindered support when getting on or off the seat.