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All of our head protection products are handmade by skilled craftspeople and are very high quality. For those who are required to wear these protective hats all day, every day, we offer a choice of either cotton or Hypoallergenic leather finishes on some models. Leather being the most durable, resistant to damage and long lasting, while cotton can be washed if required, but will be less durable than the leather option.

To place an order for a HP1, HP2, Snooze and Aqua models we only need a few simple measurements, however for the HP3 and models above we highly recommend our Perfect Fit (TM) service which uses cutting edge technology to actually scan the users' cranium to provide a 3D print of the head. This 3D print is then used as the guide (or mould) which the head protection is built around. This ensures a 'perfect fit' which results in much better protection and comfort for the client.

We also provide head protection for hydrotherapy Aqua (swimming) which can also be worn in the shower or bath (and rinsed afterwards) and a model for use in bed (the HPS), which uses super soft and comfortable padded leather.

For clients undergoing facial reconstruction or procedures where the jaw has to be supported, we can supply the Maxilla Facial support (HP-MF) which is soft, comfortable, strong and also adjustable.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

Head protection / PPE

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