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Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problems posed by the difficulty they have using the staircase in their own home. The decision to install a stairlift is sometimes a difficult one to take but when compared with the alternative of moving house, or living on one level of their house, many people have found a stair lift to be their preferred option. The idea of selecting a stairlift and having it fitted may be daunting at first; however stairlifts can usually be fitted in a couple of hours. A straight stairlift is fine for a stairway that has no bends or landings. We are not limited to providing just one brand of stairlift - so we can provide a stairlift that is the best on the market for your particular home.

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Straight Stairlifts

Platinum Horizon Straight Stairlift

The Platinum Horizon Straight Stairlift The complete ...