Standing transfer Hoists: Roze Portable Stand Assist Lifter / Hoist
Invacare Roze Stand Assist Lift/Hoist

Roze Portable Stand Assist Lifter / Hoist

The Roze Stand Assist Lift/Hoist is the ideal solution for clients who require help in standing up or in transfers from one location to another.

With the ability to handle up to 200 kg, Roze perfectly fits the requirements for a lift system for everyday use. As well as delivering safe client handling, it also reduces the burden of lifting from the caregiver. Of particular note is the wide-opening base, which together with a removable footplate and an intelligent control box makes it easy for any caregiver to accomplish transfers, quickly and safely, on a daily basis.

Easy transfer in a versatile lift

The Roze is a versatile lift that helps transfer individuals who can only bear a minimal amount of their own weight. It is also perfect for those who just need help in standing up, from a seated or lying position. The lift’s small footprint and the wide-opening base allow for easy transfers of clients in wheelchairs.

Safety first, with an intelligent control box

Roze secures the patient’s need for a safe and comfortable lift with control box with diagnostic system: an intelligent service monitoring system that highlights the battery status and service condition of the actuator to ensure safe patient handling. The control box provides a safe and comfortable lift for the client via ‘soft start’ and ‘soft stop’ button mechanisms.


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Versatile and safe - an ideal solution for long-term care facilities

Height-adjustable leg support

The padded leg support can be adjusted for different user needs.

Removable foot plate

The footplate is horizontal and can be removed for rehabilitation.

Control box with diagnostic system

This intelligent monitoring system includes a service reminder, emergency operation, audio battery alarm, and battery indicator.


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