Portable Ramps: Portable Ramps
portable folding ramps for wheelcharsPortable, folding ramps
portable folding ramps for wheelchars
portable folding ramps for wheelchars
portable folding ramps for wheelchars

Portable Ramps

Our products are designed to solve your accessibility, mobility and evacuation challenges.

We are driven by the daily desire to improve lives.

We have a large range of portable ramp solutions, contact us for more details

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We can provide many sizes and types of portable ramps, from small threshold ramps for a single step to larger folding ones for bigger obstacles ot multiple steps.

small ramp

folding small ramp

General features of our portable ramps:

  • Folds and clips together for convenient, compact storage
  • Flat hinge underneath for the best possible step clearance
  • Contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility
  • Very easy to carry and deploy
  • Full-width anti-slip surface provides excellent grip
  • Grip surface folds inside when stored and carried for protection and ultimate safety when carrying and deploying

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