FreeSpan™ Straight Rail patient Lifting Hoist System

FreeSpan™ Straight Rail Lift Hoist System

FreeSpan™ Straight Rail is a flexible patient hoist solution for most transfer situations. The lift system is freestanding (Gantry) and since it is not affixed to the building structure, there are no special strength requirements for walls and ceiling.

FreeSpan Straight Rail is made of aluminum, many different rail lengths are available and it can be fitted with either a Multirall or Likorall lift motor.

The FreeSpan Straight Rail system is equipped with lockable wheels that improve positioning for specific tasks and enable portability of the system.
FreeSpan™ Straight Rail Lift Gantry System Features:

Lockable wheels

The FreeSpan Straight Rail lift system is equipped with lockable wheels, which makes it easier to place correctly for lifting and facilitates cleaning.

Lockable Wheels

Easy to adjust

The FreeSpan Straight Rail lift system is easy to adjust and has four different height settings

Easy to assemble

The system is easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools

Locking handles

The FreeSpan Straight Rail lift system is available in 8 different rail lengths, giving a total width of between 2 m and 5.5 m (80" - 220"). The system with locking handles on the rail provides for a width adjustment of 225 mm (9") in each corner.

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