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Robin Ceiling Hoist System

The Robin ceiling hoist provides the most innovative way of transfer with care for nursing staff. Ensuring excellent personal contact, the two strap design offers comfort and efficiency in a safe patient handling environment. Without the need for a spreader bar, a secure and dignified transfer can be achieved in combination with a ceiling track


The two strap design gives unsurpassed stability during the transfer. The smooth soft start function makes positioning more gentle, and the two speed motor reduces the amount of time required for the transfer. The strap only configuration eliminates the need for a spreader bar of any size, adapting automatically to the weight and shape of the client.

Transfer with dignity

Personal contact is important. The absence of a spreader bar provides the client with a sense of freedom reducing the fear of being close to obtrusive parts of the lifting equipment. This enhances the transfer experience by introducing a unique dignified method of moving people

Robin Ceiling Hoist Lifter