Slings: Universal Standard Sling
Invacare Universal Standard Sling

Universal Standard Sling

Supports the whole body; including the shoulders

This sling should only be used for those who have good head control. The Universal Standard sling is often preferred as an all-round sling for the elderly, as it supports the entire body and gives the client a feeling of comfort as well as an unobstructed view.

This sling can be used for seated to seated transfers and is easy to apply.

This model also has a stiffened fabric in the back section, to ensure optimal weight distribution and comfort for the client


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Product codes:

          Product Number / Material Type
Size A B C D Polyester Net Fabric Spacer Fabric
S 1000 920 510 410 1485882 1478411 1485363
M 1090 1050 560 480 1485883 1478412 1485364
L 1180 1090 580 560 1485884 1478413 1485365
XL 1240 1250 585 550 1485885 1478414 1485366



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