Riser recliners are essentially motorised armchairs which will recline and lift you up out of the chair at the touch of a button. These chairs are very versatile and can help you get out of your chair more easily and raise your legs up if swelling is a problem.

There is a wide range of riser recliners (sometimes also known as ‘lift’ chairs) on the market, some produced by traditional furniture manufacturers whilst others are produced by specialist mobility product manufacturers which are generally produced to higher safety standards.

Single motor chairs have just what their name implies – a single motor!

This is an important difference to make as it fundamentally affects the reclining action. The impact of only having one motor is that when the chair reclines, the backrest and footplate move together or in a coordinated fashion. The upwards rising function is exactly the same no matter whether the chair has a single or dual motor.

As the name suggests, dual motor chairs have two motors

One motor to control the footrest and one motor to control the back rest. This gives the ultimate in flexibility and allows you to find a reclined seating position to suit you. In addition, a dual motor chair will recline fully, so is ideal if you may need to sleep in your chair on occasions


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