Starlight - HP4 Protect Plus

The construction of the models Protect and Protect Plus is based on the “sandwich” principle, in order to absorb and spread any impact or shock force.

An additional impact resistant and shatterproof hard foam shell is worked into the protector on the outside of the occipital area, to absorb and spread any occurring forces to the entire construction of the occipital area under rear impact.

The Protect as well as the Protect Plus are made of high quality toxin-free coloured full-grain leather and are securely and firmly fastened by chin and neck straps. Here too, the fasteners for the chin strap are selectable depending on indication.


The protective effect to the upper head is accomplished for example by longitudinal braces (open version), or through a closed, perforated cap, made out of shock absorbing high-tech foam.

The versions Protect and Protect Plus differ mainly in the size of the forehead protection: protect 1.5 cm, protect Plus 4.0 cm.

The Starlight Protect Plus with xtra-face protection was designed for patients with a special need of facial protection.

The “Xtra” protection offers even more protection when there is an increased risk of injury through frontal falls or auto-aggressive behaviour.

Choose between different shades of leather – Our high standards of quality apply also to coloured leather.

The calfskin used for the internal lining is perforated. Thereby it is breathable, regulates heat and humidity and is very skin-friendly.

Technical Details

Starlight® Protect Plus 
Forehead protection thickness  4.0 cm
Head circumference Made to measure
Padding Hard foam
Outer material Leather
Lining Leather
Product weight (basic model) approx. 280 g