SB755 Profiling Bed System
SB755 Profiling Bed System
SB755 Profiling Bed System
SB755 Profiling Bed System - folded ready for storage/transport
SB755 Profiling Bed System
SB755 Profiling Bed System - storage illustration
SB755 Profiling Bed System
SB755 Profiling Bed System - More features and options
SB755 Profiling Bed System

SB755 Profiling Bed Range

When comfort comes first!

The SB 755 offers optimum comfort with an ideal seating positioning to minimise shear and friction. Carers can adjust the bed to meet individual user requirements. Thanks to a unique technical feature the SB 755 can be adapted to taller users as both the head and foot of the bed can be extended. All these features provide real benefits to users and care-givers in terms of comfort and general well-being.
Your comfort is our focus:

The SB 755 comes with several features to ensure an excellent seating position and to reduce shear and friction during movement. These include an improved auto-regression system, optimised length of mattress platform sections and a leg section that can be lowered below horizontal.


Combining comfort, ease of handling and safety, the SB 755 is ideal for all home care and institutional environments.



Invacare strives to cater for all patients and so offers a length extension of 100 mm at the head and foot of this model to meet the needs of taller users. Ease of handling No part of the SB 755 weighs more than  25 kg and dismountable scissors are available as an option. Mounting and dismantling the bed has been made particularly easy to allow for greater ease of transport and storage.

The bed can be stored on its base and rolled directly from van to bedroom. Assembly and transportation can be carried out by one person quickly and with minimum effort.

Features and Options

Features and Options:

  • Auto regression – improved functionality. Increased comfort when activating backrest, minimising shear/friction forces.
  • Optimised dimensions of mattress platform according to anthropometrical measurement, for increased comfort.
  • Extendable mattress platform. Additional 100 mm at head and foot. Bed easily extends with 50, 100, 150 or 200 mm to suit user needs.
  • Line Side rail - Full-length side rail meets the tough demands of strength and safety in the expected forthcoming standard for beds (IEC 60601-2-52_FDIS). The Line side rail is lightweight and easy to use
  • Line Extendable side rail - Full-length side rail, which can be adjusted incrementally from 2000-2200 mm.
  • Removable panel: On the Victoria bed end, a removable panel allows easy access from the head and foot of the bed even with the full-length side rails mounted.

See pictures (above) for more options that are available along with technical data

No lift? Narrow staircase?…No problem!

Need to move the bed from one place to another?

The SB 755 Detachable is designed to overcome all these challenges. This bed is so easy to mount and dismount that it can be carried out by one person; our unique dismountable system is designed for minimum effort - no need to worry about losing screws or parts! Designed with parts that weigh no more than 25kg each, the SB 755 Detachable is a novel design that is unique in the market. Such easy handling ensures that the bed is easy to carry – to whatever floor.

Safety is key!

Safety is key!

As always at safety is our key concern. Side rails in both the standard bed length and the extendable version meet the increased strength demands of the new IEC 60601-2-52_FDIS standard for beds, without compromising the ergonomics or working conditions of the carers.



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