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Aquatec Trans (BathTransfer Aid)

  • Made to turn and slide
  • Extra-large soft seat
  • Skin-friendly materials
  • 130kg weight limit


The Aquatec Trans is another functional transfer seat designed by Invacare. Like Aquatec Disk, Aquatec Trans is specially made to turn and slide to give you support to enter the bathtub. It is compatible with the Aquatec range of bath lifts and offers a large comfortable seat surface. The Aquatec Trans has an extra-large soft seat surface that turns and slides smoothly. Its coating is made of soft and skin-friendly material that is easy to care for and easy to wipe clean. Skin friction is reduced by the smooth-running turntable.

The user glides into the desired position by gently pushing. The safety lock ensures that the turntable only moves when the user’s weight unlocks it. The turntable can be rotated 360 degrees.

Features of the Aquatec Trans

The Aquatec Disk is available in either blue or grey. It is a comfortable and secure way of transferring because of the following features:

  • The skin-friendly cover provides comfort for the user when transferring
  • Large comfortable seating area to provide stability
  • Easy to care for in regards to hygiene purposes as it can be wiped clean
  • Turns quickly to provide a smooth transition into the bath

The disk is suitable for storage when not in use due to the lack of width, making it easy to put away to one side when not required. It works with the Orca bath lifter range to offer support and security when bathing.

The soft cover means the seat is friendly on the skin, providing comfort when transferring rather than risking any irritant from rougher transferring methods.

What is a bath lift?

The majority of bath lifts are simply a seat securely fitted into the bath. When the bath lift is raised into an upright position, it should become level with the top of the bath. When it comes to taking a bath, the person using it can safely sit in the bath lift. They will then move their feet and legs into the bath filled with water. The next step is to lower the seat into the bath and enjoy the independence of bathing alone.

The benefits of a bath lift

  • The main benefit of installing a bath lift in your home is that it provides convenience and independence to elderly or disabled users.
  • A bath lift is also easily operated through a handheld remote so that any carer, family member or individual can be safely moved in and out of the bath.
  • Not only is it a supportive and comfortable seat to sit in, but the main safety feature is that the bath lift will not start if there is not enough power to move the person into it.
  • A bath lift is a cost-effective solution to installing a walk-in bath.

For more information, please visit our dedicated bath lifts area. Alternatively, if you are unsure which bath lift to purchase, please seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist who will be able to assess the most suitable option to meet your needs fully.

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