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Equipment Servicing

  • Comprehensive equipment servicing
  • Routine maintenance visits
  • Prompt repairs and replacements
  • Detailed reporting

At 24-7healthcare, we offer comprehensive equipment servicing to ensure the optimal functionality and reliability of your healthcare equipment. Our services include:

  • Routine maintenance: We provide scheduled servicing visits to perform inspections, cleaning, calibration, and testing of your equipment.
  • Repairs and replacements: Our skilled technicians can promptly address any issues or malfunctions identified during servicing visits, ensuring quick and effective repairs or component replacements.
  • Performance optimisation: Through our equipment servicing, we aim to optimise the performance of your healthcare equipment, maximising its efficiency and accuracy in delivering quality care.
  • Documentation and reporting: We maintain detailed records of all servicing activities, providing you with comprehensive documentation and reports for compliance purposes and equipment history tracking.


Some examples of equipment that we service & repair include:

  • Mobile/portable hoists
  • Fitted ceiling hoists
  • Gantry hoists
  • Bath lifts & bath hoist systems
  • Slings (audit)
  • Profiling beds
  • Mattresses (audit)
  • Through floor lifts
  • Platform lifts
  • Step lifts

Trust us to keep your healthcare equipment in excellent working condition. Contact us today to schedule an equipment servicing appointment and experience the benefits of our professional services.