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High Low Hydraulic Shower Trolley

  • Height-adjustable
  • Available in 3 models
  • 230kg weight limit
  • Adjustable backrest


Thanks to its size, construction, and up-to-date design and function, the High Low Hydraulic Shower Trolley enables patients to have easy care, bathing, and personal care. The trolley is adjustable in height using a hydraulic cylinder and can be vertical for easy cleaning and disinfection after use.

This product is available in 3 different lengths. The safe working load is 230kg.

The Hydraulic Trolley Shower trolley uses modern design techniques and the latest technology to provide a piece of equipment ideal for both patients and their carers. Our Timo Shower trolley is electrically height-adjustable, meaning a smooth transition for patients and less strenuous activity for carers. Using independent electrically operated pillars, the Trolley Shower Trolley can achieve both. Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg positions at the touch of a button. The Trolley Shower Trolley comes with an adjustable backrest for added patient comfort and makes it easier for carers to dry their patients.

Assisted transfer

We call lifting a person an assisted transfer, whether by using a manual patient stander or an electronically fitted or portable hoist. Moving or carrying a person by yourself or others is dangerous and can risk causing injury to the person being lifted or the person or person lifting. We recommend some electronic, mechanical hoist or assisted transfer to carry out this procedure. There are many choices of models and types of lifting equipment.

We have listed some images and descriptions below to see their main differences and uses, along with advantages and disadvantages.


Portable folds are typically down to take up less space when not being used. It can be folded, placed, and stored on the side or in storage space.


This product requires flat, level floors. It can be difficult to manoeuvre on carpets; it requires effort to move and position correctly. It is difficult to lift it from standard domestic beds and seating without enough gap to allow the legs of the hoist to pass underneath. The Hydraulic Trolley Shower requires plugging in limited lift height capacity. The wheels of the trolley need to be locked and unlocked during the assisted transfer process.

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Additional information



Weight Limit

220kg – 230kg


Adjustable Height, Available in 3 models, Braked castors, Directional castor lock, Exendable flexi drain pipe, Padded rail covers, Vinyl mattress and pillow


Large, Medium, Extra large

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