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HP-3 Special Needs Helmet Head Protection

  • Closed top design
  • All round protection
  • High-density foam
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Leather outer & liner


Help your loved ones by protecting them from head trauma, headbanging and falls, with our protective and exceptionally comfortable HP-3 head protector. The HP-3 head protection uses improved materials for even higher wearing comfort and protection. 

The closed upper (top) of the helmet provides extra protection for those who impact the top of their head and additional add-on protection options at the front & rear for those who fall. The head protection becomes the “sporty” variant by attaching the velcro sun shield.

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  • Epilepsy
  • Autism (head banging)
  • Dementia
  • Drop seizures
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Risk of Falls
  • and more.
  • Hardwearing leather finish
  • Made to measure (Perfect Fit service recommended)
  • Additional “add-on” sun visor/peak option
  • Fitted with “bumper ready” velcro strip on front as standard (for an upgrade if needed)
  • Additional “bumper” add-on protection option (front & back)
  • Multiple chin strap fastener options
  • Breathable leather perforated inner liner
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • High-density sandwiched foam filling
  • Wipeable/cleanable
  • Manufactured individually to order
  • Can be worn comfortably for many hours at a time

Protection extends as standard further down the sides and the back which completely covers the occipital area – providing more protection to the back of the head.

The soft helmet body is filled with impact-resistant layers of high-density foam, which provide excellent shock absorption. The top of the helmet is “closed” and includes internal padded sectors to provide additional defence against impacts from above.

The HP-3 has an adjustable chin strap fitted as standard that offers excellent hold and comfort—supplied millimeter-perfect, which helps to keep the head protector in place.

HP-3 D ring strap fastener

Strap “D” ring/buckle (standard)

HP-3 Head Protection Velcro Fastener

Velcro fastener

HP-3 Fix-lock strap fastener

Fixlock fastener

HP-3 Fixlock with safety button strap fastener

Secure locking fixlock fastener

The internal lining gives excellent moisture transport (wicking) and is breathable.

Standard sizes: 45 to 62 cm head circumference. Custom sizes are available.

The HP-3 comes in cream/beige colour as standard. 

HPspecial needs helmet leather - Beige 

However, the spaces between “sections” and the triangular panels on the top of the helmet can be personalised with different colours as an optional upgrade. 

See below for available custom helmet colours.

This leather head protector can be spot cleaned with a cloth and warm water or can be cleaned with a hypoallergenic leather cleaner and conditioner, which will “feed” the leather to keep it in good condition and help to extend the helmets life.

We can supply the HP-3 using some measurements that you provide. We can send you a guide on how to provide these measurements. However as the HP-3 is intended to provide protection for those at medium to high risk of harm, we highly recommend using our Perfect Fit Assessment Service. This will ensure the best possible fit and avoids incorrect measurements.

A properly fitted head protector helps to ensure that the head protector stays on the head – even during falls or impacts. It also ensures that any existing injuries to the head can be accommodated.

Those who have a more serious risk of falls or injury may wish to look at our HP-4 or HP-5 head protectors. They offer additional “built-in” protection with additional “add-on” options.

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Available custom colours

Please note that the actual product color may differ slightly from how it appears on your screen due to varying monitor settings

Please note: Although these products are designed to substantially reduce the risk of injuries, the manufacturer and seller accept no responsibility for injury or loss arising from the use of these products. These products are not able to offer complete protection from ALL types of injury, although every effort is made in their design to offer the best head protection possible. 

If a helmet is damaged in any way, it should not be worn. We would like to emphasize that there is no known device or helmet for preventing 100% of all injuries. Only you, the customer or user, are in a position to evaluate the particular needs of the individual in each environment. It is, therefore, essential that professional and medical expertise be sought in making decisions regarding headgear use.

These helmets are not intended for use as bicycle or equestrian helmets.

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Perfect fit




Chin protection, Forehead protection, Neck Protection, Strap System Biothane, Sunshield


Fix lock fastener, Magnetic fastener, Strengthened thorn buckle, Thorn buckle, Velcro fastener


45 – 49cm, 50 – 52cm, 53 – 55cm, 56 – 59cm, 60 – 62cm, Custom

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