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Medley Ergo Profiling Community Bed Range

  • 145Kg weight limit
  • Reduces shear forces
  • Height adjustable
  • Length adjustable
  • 4 Braked Castors
  • Choice of bed ends


The Medley Ergo range boasts several mattress platform sections that offer improved comfort for clients, reduce shear and friction when the bed sections are being adjusted and prevent clients from sliding downwards.

The Medley Ergo family by Invacare is designed with special features – it is equipped with a particular transport fitting that lets the bed collapse quickly, be moved and re-installed in various locations. Additionally, assembling this bed is relatively easy; you don’t need any tool or technician to get this done as anyone can do this following the instructions. This saves your time, effort, and money.

Ergo Medley profiling bed features & options

Medley ergo grab handle
Medley Ergo profiling bed
Medley ergo Low bed variant

Support handle

Makes getting in and out of bed much easier for the patient.

Homely design

The Medley Ergo Select offers a more attractive, homely design for Medley Ergo and Medley Ergo Low.

Medley Ergo Low

The ability to position the bed at a lower level means increased security for users and real peace of mind when going to sleep.

Medley Ergo bed transport
Medley ergo profiling bed mattress platform
Medley Ergo bed end design

Shipping and storage

Medley Ergo beds are very easy to store and transport when placed on the dedicated transport.

Optimised mattress platform

Reduces shear and friction and increases client comfort.

Select design

The homely design of Medley Ergo Select can also be retro-fitted.

The Octave has a safe working load of 180Kg, with a maximum user weight of 145Kg (allowing 35Kg for the mattress, pump and any additional options).

Medley Ergo Family comes with a flexible design that lets the bed to be mounted at an extra low height, or a higher position (if preferred). This creates a range of working levels for the carer and transfer heights for the patient.

This is made possible by the unique design of the bed end, which enables the mattress support to be mounted in both upper and lower positions.


A hospital style profiling bed with an attractive modest design that fits perfectly with clients.

The Medley Ergo Low: Makes it easier for individuals to get in and out of bed, equating to greater independence for users. The low version of the medley ergo bed also offers a range of adjustable heights, from 21 – 61 cm and 28 – 68 cm.

Double height positions for bed ends: Adjustable height ranges for Medley Ergo of 33 – 73 cm or 40 – 80 cm. Medley Ergo Low 22 – 62 cm or 29 – 69 cm.

The bed is built with high consideration on the need for convenience by the user. It comes with enhanced features that guarantee the user’s comfort.  

The Medley Ergo beds are easy to transport when placed on the dedicated transporter.

The Medley Ergo beds come with the extension kit for increasing mattress support length by 15 cm.

Choose from 3 side rail options that vary in length, height and finish.

  • Full length – Bella wood finish in beech or Aria in steel
  • 3/4 length – Scala, collapsible in steel

What benefits can an adjustable bed height provide?

The capability to lower and raise the height of a bed can offer benefits to those who use the bed daily and their carers. Setting the bed to the correct height is particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility. This can help get in and out of bed, especially for those who can self-transfer into a wheelchair. The function can also be used to assist an individual in achieving a semi-standing position. Reducing the height of the bed can also offer increased security against falls due to the position of the bed being closer to the floor.

Some beds offer a shallow height, such as only 21cm, from the floor and, when used with a padded mat at the side of the bed, can offer more protection from injury. For example, those prone to leaving their bed unexpectedly at night.

Raising the height of the bed to an ergonomic height is particularly useful for carers as it allows them to care for their clients at a safe working height, therefore reducing their risk of back strain and associated injury.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.

Ergo Medley profiling bed range specifications


Outside: 1020 mm; Inside: 900 mm


Outside: 2240 mm Inside: 2080 mm


400 – 800 mm or 330 – 730 mm / Ergo Low – 280 – 680 mm or 210 – 610 mm


800 – 230 – 300 – 670 mm


0 – 70°


0 – 24°


0 – 11°


Tilt option: 11°


SWL 180 kg 145 kg


64 kg


17 kg


Silver, Beech


Scala 2, Verso II, Bella and Aria side rails (see guide below)

Additional information



Weight Limit



Adjustable Height, Braked castors, Compact storage, Extreme comfort, Four-section profiling, Hand Control, Includes full length rails, Profiling, Support handle


Lifting Pole, Mattress Support Extension

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