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Immedia MultiGlide Slide Sheet

  • 300Kg weight limit
  • Waterproof
  • Tubular slide sheet
  • Low-low friction
  • For all situations
  • Various sizes


The Immedia MultiGlide is a nylon tubular slide sheet with high-low friction. MultiGlide is a thin slide sheet with ultra-low friction on the inside and high friction on the outside. The outside surface also provides a waterproof barrier. 

MultiGlide is suitable when there is a need to minimize friction under the pressure points, for instance, when transferring and turning in bed, between bed and wheelchair, on the operating table or x-ray table.

MultiGlide is to be applied when necessary and removed after use. MultiGlide is available in several sizes (see variants below) & has has a loop strap for easy storage.

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How to move up a bed with the Immedia MultiGlide

Variants and details

 Item numberColourLength (mm)Width (mm)
MultiGlide vertical XXS (open end 700mm)IM100White strap7001000
MultiGlide vertical XS (open end 1350mm)IM103/1Green13501000
MultiGlide vertical S (open end 2000mm)IM102Silver strap20001000
MultiGlide vertical M (Open end 800mm)IM108Grey strap8001080
MultiGlide vertical L (Open end 700mm)IM120White strap7001200
MultiGlide vertical XL (open end 800mm)IM130Pink strap8001300
MultiGlide vertical XXL (open end 800mm)IM168Light blue strap8001600
MultiGlide vertical XXXL (open end 700mm)IM200Purple strap7002000
MultiGlide lateral XXS (open end 400mm)IM40Purple strap400400
MultiGlide lateral XS (open end 250mm)IM62Silver strap250600
MultiGlide lateral S (open side 600mm)IM66Yellow strap600600
MultiGlide lateral M (open end 700mm)IM77Brown strap700720
MultiGlide lateral L (open end 800mm)IM88Silver strap800800
MultiGlide lateral XL (open end 1000mm)IM80Red strap1000720
MultiGlide lateral XXL (open end 1300mm)IM83Green strap1300720
MultiGlide lateral XXXL (open end 2000mm)IM82Light brown strap2000700
MultiGlide open (open end 2000mm)IM100/14014001000

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What is a slide sheet?

A slide sheets system consists of 2 layers of low-friction material that work together to reduce friction. As a patient is moved, one layer stays in contact with the patient, whilst the other layer stays in contact with the supporting surface.

This allows the material to slide against itself, thus reducing friction and shear to the patient’s skin and reducing user effort. Slide Sheets currently come in varying types, flat, tubular and hybrid (a combination of both flat and tubular), with each of these available in the form of disposable (single patient use or single-use) and reusable (washable).

Additional information


Etac, Immedia

Weight Limit

290 – 300kg


100% nylon, Available in various sizes, Compact storage, Large compatibility, Machine-washable, skin-friendly, Water resistant

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