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Oxford Ranger Transporter System

  • 125kg weight limit
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Lap strap for safety
  • Fabric footrest option


The Oxford Ranger Commode and Transporter Seat has been designed to facilitate safer and easier transfers in and out of the bath. As it is mounted on wheels, the user can be transported to the bath or poolside, before accessing the bath with the aid of the hoist mechanism.

How Does the Oxford Ranger Commode and Transporter Seat Work?

The Oxford Ranger Commode and Transporter Seat comprises a commode-style seat on a wheeled base to allow for easier transfers to the bath or to the side of the pool. Once ready for transferring, the chair can be unclipped from the base and attached to the hoist column.

With the Ranger seat securely connected to the hoist column, the user can sit comfortably for lowering into and out of the bath as required. Depending on the model type, the hoist can then be operated manually or electrically through a lever (please select your desired option from the drop-down above).

Who Can Use the Oxford Ranger Commode and Transporter Seat?

The Oxford Ranger Commode and Transporter Seat is suitable for individuals who struggle to get in and out of a bath but who would otherwise be able to enjoy a bath with transfer assistance. It’s particularly suited if you still maintain a good deal of independence and can sit upright comfortably but would benefit from a little help when using the bath. The seat also includes side handles, helping you to feel safe and supported.

Please note that the Oxford Ranger Commode and Transporter Seat has a safe working load of 125kg or 20 stone.

Shower commode wheelchairs

24-7 Health care supplies an extensive range of commodes that double up as shower wheelchairs. This means they can be used for both purposes, making them highly versatile pieces of equipment. They are available in both self-propelled and attendant-propelled versions. They are sturdy and meant to last.

Bariatric commodes

There are numerous models of commodes which are explicitly designed for bariatric individuals. The term bariatric refers to severely overweight people to the extent that their day-to-day behaviour is inhibited. Bariatric commodes are heavy-duty bedside commodes for larger individuals, supporting anywhere from 375 lb to as much as 1500 lb, depending on the model.

In comparison, standard bedside commodes will generally support a person’s weight up to 300 – 350 lb, but you should always check, as some folding models will only support a maximum of 250lb. While not designed as a wheelchair, it does have small flip-down wheels, which enable it to be positioned as required before use.

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