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Pronto Wheelchair Ramps: Home & Property Access Ramps

Introducing Pronto Ramps, Home & Property Wheelchair Access Ramps that offer unlimited length options and quick, no-hassle installation with no need for building alterations. Instantly relocatable and made from high-loading, anti-slip aluminium with secure handrails, these semi-permanent wheelchair ramps ensure safe, adaptable accessibility for any environment. Suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, powerchairs and pedestrian use.

Unlimited length ramps for easy accessibility.
No building regs, no plan inspection, zero delays.
Next-day installation, ready to use quickly.
Instantly relocatable ramps, quick to deploy.
High-loading, aluminium-made, anti-slip ramps with handrails.
Competent Design and experienced team of engineers!

Ideal wheelchair ramp solutions for homes, hospitals, historical buildings, schools, care homes, open public buildings, and many more!

Why Choose a Pronto Ramp?

Our revolutionary Pronto Semi-Permanent Ramps are designed for unmatched flexibility, ease of use, and seamless accessibility for everyone. Compliant with British Standard 8300 these ramps offer a safe and reliable solution for various locations including homes, buildings, and hospitals.

Built to any length

The ramps can be built to any length you require, providing accessibility in multiple areas. Easily add or remove ramp sections to lengthen or shorten the ramp.

Zero Damage to Buildings

No need for a plan inspection, ready to use without causing any damage to buildings. Ideal solution for historical buildings, homes, hospitals, shops, etc.

Anti-Slip Ramp Surface

The ramp surface profiles are designed for anti-slip in all weather conditions, indoors and outdoors. The ramp has drainage holes to disperse water.

Safe & Stable Ramp

100% aluminium construction of the profiles ensures a high loading capacity. Anti-slip surface and handrails, they offer safe access over the ramp.

Next-Day Installation

With its easy-fix design, the ramp can be installed on your premises in a day. No alterations to your home, no planning required. Zero delays.

Semi-Permanent Ramps

Our Semi-Permanent Ramps ramps are ready to use without any delays, making them a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Enhance Home and Property Accessibility: Install a Ramp Today!

Pronto Ramps are designed to improve accessibility to your home and property. Take the first step towards greater accessibility.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and our fast installation options!

Where to use Semi-Permanent Pronto Ramps?

Pronto Ramps are ready-to-use, quickly installable, BS 8300 home and property access ramps that cause zero damage to buildings. With Pronto Ramps, no plan inspection is required and there is no risk of building damage, making them an ideal ramp solution for any location.

  • Historical Buildings: Ready-to-use ramps without any damage to the building.
  • Homes: Quick installation for both indoor and outdoor use, including on stairs and steps.
  • Thresholds: Ramps can be used over thresholds with limited fixation.
  • Hospitals: Easy access, including for hospital discharges.
  • Care Homes: Quick install ramps provide access for residents.
  • Open Public Areas: Convenient, accessible entrances to shops, banks, shopping malls, and other public areas.
  • Schools: Address the needs of disabled-friendly access in schools.

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