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Repo Sheet – Patient Lift Aid (Slide Sheet)

  • 200kg weight limit
  • Versatile lift sheet
  • Available in two versions
  • Bariatric option


The Liko RepoSheet lift aid is a versatile lift sheet (slide sheet) that facilitates the otherwise strenuous manual task of turning or repositioning a patient higher up in bed. The RepoSheet support makes these daily tasks much more accessible. 

The sheet is placed under the patient and can be used either in combination with or instead of an ordinary bed sheet during the entire care period. Then, with minimal effort, caregivers can easily manoeuvre the patient with the help of an overhead lift. 

RepoSheet original support can also be used to enable one caregiver to reposition or turn a patient without assistance quickly. 

The sheet is available in two versions: 

Regular, for lifting to 200 kg (440 lb), and Ultra, which manages up to 500 kg (1,100 lb). 

Both versions are available in cotton, polyester and net polyester fabrics. The breathable cotton/polyester fabric can be used with or without an ordinary sheet on the top. 

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Choose the Repo Sheet or the disposable Repo Sheet Solo

hillrom repo sheet insert

RepoSheet Lift Aid

This breathable cotton/polyester repositioning sheet enables one caregiver to easily reposition or turn a patient without assistance.

It is available in two sizes: regular (max load: 440lbs) and ultra (max load: 1,100lbs), and it can be used with or without an ordinary sheet on top.

hillrom repo sheet solo insert

Solo RepoSheet (Disposable)

Offering the same benefits as a RepoSheet, our single-use Solo products are designed to help reduce the risk of infection, or offer a disposable option when washing is a problem. 

They are manufactured from a soft and comfortable material with good “breathing” capacity, and have safe working loads of 440 lbs and 660 lbs.

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What is a slide sheet?

A slide sheets system consists of two layers of low friction material that work together to reduce friction. As a patient is moved, one layer stays in contact with the patient whilst the other layer stays in contact with the supporting surface.

This allows the material to slide against itself, thus reducing friction and shear to the patient’s skin and reducing user effort. 

Slide sheets currently come in varying types, flat, tubular and hybrid (a combination of both flat and tubular), with each of these available in the form of disposable (single patient use) and reusable (washable).

Additional information



Weight Limit

200Kg, 500kg


Aids repositioning in the bed, Available in various sizes, Bariatric option, Compact and discreet, Large compatibility, Low-friction, Minimal physical effort needed, Reduces harmful pressure

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