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SB755 Profiling Community Bed

  • 200Kg Weight limit
  • 235Kg SWL
  • Extendable length
  • Adjustable height
  • Optimised dimensions
  • Wide version available


The Invacare SB 755 Bed is a flawless bed with amazing functions that meet the user’s needs based on individual choices. Comforts, safety and ease of handling, amongst others, are some of the excellent features incorporated in this bed – thus, making it an excellent fit for all homes and environments.

SB 755 offers the best comfort with an ideal seating position to minimise shear and friction and a max user weight of 200 kg. Depending on individual client requirements, carers can simply adjust the bed to meet clients’ needs. Featuring an extendable head and foot end, the SB 755 is suitable for taller clients. Both caregivers and clients can experience improved comfort and general well-being.

SBB755 Profiling bed auto regression function

Auto regression function

Client comfort when activating backrest, minimising shear and friction.

SBB755 Profiling bed optimised dimensions

Optimised dimensions

Optimised dimensions of mattress platform according to anthropometrical measurements, for increased comfort.

SBB755 Profiling bed extendable mattress platform

Extendable mattress platform

Additional 100 mm at head and foot. Bed easily extends with 50, 100, 150 or 200 mm to suit user needs.

The SB 755 comes with several features to ensure an excellent seating position and reduce shear and friction during movement. These include an improved auto-regression system, optimised length of mattress platform sections and a leg section that can be lowered below horizontal. Fully compatible with the Invacare Soft Tilt Positioning & Turning System that enables Single Handed Care and makes fitting slings and positioning easier!

Mounting and dismantling the SB 755 has been made simple for ease of transport and storage. Simply position the bed on its base and wheel it from the vehicle to the bedroom. Assembly can be carried out quickly and easily by one person. No part of the bed weighs more than 25 kg and dismountable scissors are available as an option.

Safety standard IEC 60601-2-52 compliant, our trusted SB 755 range can be relied upon for its high safety standards and optimal quality, helping to deliver reliable long-term support for clients.

Our popular SB 755 is available in wider variants of 1050 mm and 1200 mm and can be extended at both ends, providing even more comfort for taller or bigger clients. These wider models provide extra space and comfort for larger clients and plenty of room to turn. The SB 755 Wide has been engineered with an improved auto-regression system to offer total comfort.

The bed also offers an optimal seating position and is designed to reduce shear and friction. The SB 755 Wide is attractive and modern; the streamlined design is easy to clean and will blend harmoniously into any homecare or long-term care environment.

Download the specifications of this wide version of the SB755 in the downloadable documents area below

The SB 755 “Detachable” is designed to overcome all the challenges of frequently having to move the bed from one location to another.

The “detachable” variant of the SB755 bed is so easy to mount and dismount that one person can carry it out; our unique dismountable system is designed for minimum effort – no need to worry about losing screws or parts! 

Designed with parts that weigh no more than 25kg each, the SB 755 Detachable is a unique novel design in the market. Such easy handling ensures that the bed is easy to carry – to whatever location or floor.

To ensure that the SB755 profiling bed compliments your home decor and style, there is a choice of bed ends

  • Victoria Detachable panel. Available in beech
  • Susanne Available in beech
  • Anita Available in beech

Choose from 3 options that vary in length, height and finish.

  • Full length – Britt V or Line
  • 3/4 Length – Scala

What benefits can an adjustable bed height provide?

The capability to lower and raise the height of a bed can offer benefits to those who use the bed daily and their carers. Setting the bed to the correct height is particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility. This can help get in and out of bed, especially for those who can self-transfer into a wheelchair. The function can also be used to assist an individual in achieving a semi-standing position. Reducing the height of the bed can also offer increased security against falls due to the position of the bed is closer to the floor.

Some beds offer a shallow height, such as only 21cm, from the floor and, when used with a padded mat at the side of the bed, can offer more excellent protection from injury. For example, those prone to leaving their bed unexpectedly at night. Raising the height of the bed to an ergonomic height is particularly useful for carers as it allows them to care for their clients at a safe working height, therefore reducing their risk of back strain and associated injury.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.

SB755 Profiling bed accessories

Olivia bed end

Olivia bed ends

Can be used in combination with wooden front panel. Available in light oak and beech.

Victoria bed ends

Victoria bed ends

Detachable panel. Available in beech, cherry, light oak and white beech.

invacare sophie bed ends

Sophie bed ends

Available in beech, cherry, light oak and white beech.

Emma bed ends

Emma bed ends

Detachable – Available in beech, cherry, light oak and white beech.

Susanne bed ends

Susanne bed ends

Available in beech, cherry, white beech and light oak.

sb755 scala side rails

Scala 2 side rails

Collapsible side rail range available in 3 different heights.

Etude Plus Brit V side rails

Britt V full-length side rails

Available in 2000, 2100 and 2200 mm length. Available in beech, white beech, cherry and light oak.

Line extendable side rails

Line Extendable side rails

Full-length aluminum side rails. Available in beech, white beech, cherry and light oak.

Torill side rails

Torill side rails

Torill side rails offer safety, support and independence. The flexible design supports individuals when transferring independently.

Torill long bed rails

Torill long rails

Both rails, when placed in their highest position, offer full protection and reassurance.

Torill short bed rails

Torill short rails

Shorter rails offer the perfect balance between safety and superior support to the individual getting in and out of bed.

Lifting pole

Lifting pole

The handle can be adjusted both in height and depth.

Wooden side panel

Wooden side panels

Available in beech, white beech, cherry and light oak.

Wooden side panel

Wooden side panels

Can be used in combination with Scala Basic Plus 2 side rail. Available in beech and light oak.

SB755 Profiling bed dimensions


Std – Outside: 950/100 mm; Inside: 850/900 mm Wide 1 – Outside: 1150 mm Inside: 1050 mm Wide 2 – Outside: 1300 mm Inside: 1200 mm

Height adjustment

Total height: 1600 – 2070 mm


Outside: 2130 mm Inside: 2080 mm Mattress: 2000mm

Height adjustment

350 – 820 mm

Mattress support dimensions

800 – 260 – 260 – 680 mm

Ground clearance

150 mm

Backrest angle

0 – 73°

Thigh angle

0 – 28°

Legrest lift

0 – 18°

Min. angle below horizontal

0 – 16°

Angle adjustment/angle below/above frame

below: 25° above: 14°

Total weight

91 kg / 110kg / 120kg

Heaviest part

25 kg / 41kg / 45kg
Safe working load/User weightSWL 235 kg 200 kg

Frame colour & woodwork

Aluminium grey, Beech, Light oak, White beech, Cherry

Compatible side rails

Britt V, Line, Scala 2, Verso II, Torill side rails

Additional information



Weight Limit



Auto-Regression, Bed end options, Braked castors, Compact storage, Extendable mattress platform, Hand Control, Lowering kit, Optimised dimensions, Wide option available


Lifting Pole, Mattress Support Extension, Swivel support handle

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