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Reasons to consider a lift chair

Everyone likes to be comfortable in their favourite lift chair, but did you know that as well as being comfortable that the right seating can significantly improve your mobility, posture, independence, health and overall wellbeing?

riser recliner chairs

The first obvious benefit of owning a riser recliner chair is that the chair helps with standing up and getting sat back down afterwards, with little or no effort. 

A riser recliner chair will gently raise you up from a seated position to an almost standing position, into a position. 

This alleviates many difficulties associated with getting in and out of a chair. In many cases, this makes the user less dependent on others for assistance and of course, they don’t have to wait or ask someone to help them re-position within the chair.

Prevention & ongoing management of pressure injuries

Red riser recliner chair
Pressure injuries (also known as pressure sores) are a concern for many people who have limited mobility. Sitting in one position for prolonged periods can mean that there is pressure on the skin and underlying soft tissue, which can cause injuries that can be very painful and in some cases, life-threatening. 

These chairs offer multi adjustments with the press of a button, enabling the occupant to change position immediately and relieve any build-up of pressure themselves. 

Riser recliner chairs can be made with integral pressure care cushions made from special gel or foam and even special alternating Air cushions to prevent the worsening of any existing injuries. 

In some cases, a 3rd party “add-on” pressure care cushion can also be used however, this can effectively change the height of the chair, which needs to be considered.

Improved mobility

Riser recliner chairs can improve mobility beyond just helping people to get in and out of their chairs. The easy re-positioning offered by riser recliner chairs makes it possible to move around in the seat as well as aiding in getting up to move around. If the occupant can keep moving within the chair it helps to prevent stiffness, maintains strength and the range of movement in joints and muscles, which in turn helps to prevent falls, preserve strength and reduce pain.

Improved circulation & less joint pain

Joint swelling and circulation issues can often happen when seated for a long time, especially for people with low blood pressure or who are prone to retaining fluid. If your legs are lower than the rest of the body for long periods then fluid can tend to collect in the lower legs, which can lead to swollen ankles and calves. This can lead to the formation of varicose veins. A riser recliner chair helps to comfortably keep legs raised, aiding in healthy circulation and reducing swelling.

A chair tailor made for you

A lift recliner chair is usually “made to measure” to accommodate the needs of the individual user – an incorrectly measured chair can cause postural problems or pressure on various parts of the body. Every recliner is made for the person using it. 

Many models of riser recliners offer a range of options and accessories including wooden “knuckles” that help the occupant grip the armrest when getting in and out, lateral support and lumbar support options that can accommodate individual posture and/or reduce the tendency for leaning or sideways movement. 

Riser recliners often come with multiple fabric choices including plush natural fabrics, water-resistant, wipeable and stretch “anti-shear” low friction finishes, all these options combined offer a truly bespoke option.

Yes, but are they comfortable?

As well as all the impacts seating can have on overall health, posture and mobility are significant, what matters most to someone who spends a long time in a chair is whether they’re comfortable! 

As we have mentioned, riser recliner chairs come in a huge range of different styles and configurations, but the common theme here is the exceptional comfort that is offered. 

High-quality waterproof or “low shear” fabrics, reduced pressure points, comfortable cushioning and perfectly supported posture all come together to make riser recliner chairs probably the most comfortable and “easy care” seating that you can find.

Providing independence

By far the most important benefit of the lift chair is that, through all the factors above, it can help the user maintain their long-term independence and mobility. These chairs can prevent physical deterioration but sometimes even help to improve existing postural and health issues. 

This can help people stay healthy, happy, mobile and live independently for longer.

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