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What is a stairlift power hinge

A hinged track to fold the stairlift track away

In order for the seat to get low enough for the user to sit on, it is necessary for the track to extend beyond the staircase to the hall floor, a stairlift power hinge can help you.

Some houses will have a doorway close to the bottom of the stairs and the track may intrude across this causing a trip hazard. In these circumstances, a hinged track should be fitted. This means that the track can be folded away from the doorway giving clear access.

If you have a straight staircase and need a hinge track you may be able to fit our unique and revolutionary Slide Track.

We offer free – no-obligation surveys & quotations, contact us to arrange yours.

Powered stairlift hinge

Our stairlifts can be supplied with a unique hinged track that extends when you go downstairs and folds up when you are finished, allowing any doors at the base of the staircase to be used as normal. Some stairlift models are available with an automatic hinged track. When operating the stairlift from the armrest switch/toggle, the hinge will lift/lower automatically. When the stairlift is not in use the hinge is folded by holding a button on the remote control which means you do not need to move the track yourself. When the button is pressed your stairlift moves up the track and parks on a charging station, the hinge section then moves automatically leaving the doorway clear.

We will know if you need a powered hinge on your particular stairlift once we assess your property. We offer free no-obligation stairlift assessments, contact us if you are thinking of having a stairlift fitted.

We offer free – no-obligation surveys & quotations, contact us to arrange yours.

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