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What is a stairlift power hinge?

In order for the stairlift seat to get low enough for the user to sit on, it is sometimes necessary for the track to extend beyond the staircase to the hall floor, this is where a stairlift power hinge can help you. 

Some houses will have a doorway close to the bottom of the stairs and the track may intrude across, causing a trip hazard. In these circumstances, a hinged track should be fitted. This means that the track can be folded away from the doorway when it is not in use – giving clear access.

What is a stairlift power hinge down
A power hinge deployed
What is a stairlift power hinge up
A power hinge folded

A hinge to fold the stairlift track away

The stairlift power hinge is powered by a motor that is normally located in the base of the stairlift track itself. When the stairlift is not in use, the user can press a button on the remote control or on the stairlift itself to fold the track away. The track is then raised up and over the stairlift, allowing the doorway or other area to be cleared. 

Some stairlifts can do this automatically – without the need to press a button. When the stairlift is needed, the user can press the same button to unfold the track. The track will then lower down and into place, allowing the stairlift to operate normally.

Power hinges are available for both straight and curved stairlifts

They are a popular option for people who have doorways or other areas near their stairs that would be obstructed by the stairlift track.

Here are some of the benefits of having a stairlift power hinge

  • It can create more space in your home by folding the track away when not in use.
  • It can make it easier to get in and out of your home by creating a clear path to your doorways.
  • It can be a safety feature by preventing people from tripping over the track when it is not in use.

If you are considering a stairlift, be sure to ask about power hinges. They can be a great way to make your stairlift more convenient and safe.

An alternative to power hinges - a "slide track"

If you have a straight staircase and would benefit from a hinge track, it may also be possible for us to fit an alternative solution – our unique and revolutionary slide track, which moves when you start your journey, it has the same effect as a power hinge, by removing the track from in-front of any doorways or obstacles. 

It also ensures that the track is the correct height from the top or bottom steps, allowing you to mount or dismount safely. We will know if you need a powered hinge on your particular stairlift once we assess your property and will also advise if a slide track could also be suitable.

We offer free no-obligation stairlift assessments, contact us if you are thinking of having a stairlift fitted.

The integrated powered seat with its lap strap and nursing arms enables bathers to transfer safely and comfortably. Obstacle sensors ensure the motion halts if necessary. When in use, the transfer seat locks securely to the lifting arm and fold away arms on the seat give the bather extra comfort and reassurance. For extra bathing assistance, the seat can quickly be detached from the bath and positioned on an optional transfer frame enabling easy bathroom to bedroom transfers. When the seat is removed, a headrest can be added to the seat post to give versatility of usage perfect for the whole family.

The 1,600mm option of the Astor Matira Bath is ideal for small bathrooms and en-suites, with the unique internal shape giving the bather a spacious but supported bathing experience. Or if you have the space we have the 1700mm version available. The smooth lines also allow for easier cleaning and superior hygiene control.

With a proprietary bearing system, multi-layer GRP panels, twin gel-coated seat and high grade 304 stainless steel parts, the Astor Matira has been built to the highest standard and is designed for longevity.

As with all Astor Bannerman assisted baths, the Matira bath has a battery backup in the event of a power failure and access for floor and ceiling hoists if required.

  • SWL 150 kg  /24 st
  • Detachable powered seat with lap strap, nursing arms, obstacle sensors and a transfer chassis
  • Choice of taps with TMV2 or TMV3 controls
  • Battery backup
  • Length Options: 1600 mm or 1700 mm (x 750 mm)
  • Working height range: 680 mm-1080 mm
  • Air spa
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Colour changing light therapy system
  • Commode seat
  • Range of service & warranty packages – Please ask for further details

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