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Cura Legacy Kinder – Paediatric Neuro Chair

  • User weight 110Kg
  • True Tilt-In-Space
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable arm height
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Pressure Relief
  • For children or small adults


We are proud of our specially designed, most popular, Peadiatric Care Chair – The Kinder Legacy. Boasts incredible comfort, adjustability and is the perfect addition to your home. 

The Kinder is fully adjustable and allows growth in all areas including seat depth, seat width, backrest length, arm height & seat height, so the cura can be adjusted as the child grows and therefore can be used for many years.

The Cura Legacy Kinder Neuro chair has been designed and developed to be the most cost effective and adaptive Paediatric Care Chair on the market today. It offers an excellent seating solution to over 85% of the population.

Who would benefit from a Cura Legacy Kinder Neuro chair? 

The Cura Legacy Kinder is recommended for those who have a medical conditions that require regular positional adjustments and pressure care throughout their day. The Cura Legacy Kinder is especially designed to be adjustable and offers many enhancements & features with very little effort from the carer. The Kinder can be adjusted without tools in most cases and can be reconfigured to manage progressive conditions that change over time.

  • Users with Paediatric conditions
  • Users with Cerebral Palsy
  • Users with Scoliosis
  • Users with Complex Needs
  • Users who are paraplegics or have amputations
  • Anyone suffering from a neurological or debilitating condition

Kinder Legacy peadiatric neuro chair functions

The Kinder Legacy comes as a manual or electric functioning chair with tilt-in-space, legrest elevation and back angle recline as standard.

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - upright


Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - manual footrest

Manual legrest

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - manual tilt in space


Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - manual tilt in space plus legrest

Tilt-In-Space plus legrest

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - manual tilt in space plus legrest & backrest

Tilt-In-Space plus backrest & legrest

It has multi-directional braked castors for full mobility and offers the unique functions of adjustable seat depth, width and height change. This versatile chair is fully customisable and available in a variety of fabric and colour options.

Main Features:

  • Manually – Fully Adjustable Seating
  • Tilt-in-Space multi-adjustable dual action chair
  • Adjustable Seat Width
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Adjustable Back Rest Angle – Set and Lock
  • Adjustable 3 x position Seat Rake
  • Interchangeable Back Rest Support Options
  • Lateral Thoracic Support Cushions (standard)

Bespoke options:

  • Optional specific Arm Heights
  • Four way stretch fabric colours
  • Adjustable Seat to Footplate Support (Optional Extra)
  • 90 Degree Fixed footplate (Optional Extra)
  • Angle Adjustable footplate (Optional Extra)
  • Waterfall Support back cushions
  • Adjustable Height Leg Rest Elevation
  • Removable pommel 
  • iPad mount
  • Lap tray
  • Compatible with a range of straps & harnesses

No tools chair adjustment as standard

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - width adjustment

Adjustable seat width

Seat width can be adjusted from 10″ to 16″

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - seat height adjustment

Adjustable seat height

Seat height can be adjusted from 21″ to 25″

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - seat depth adjustment

Adjustable seat depth

Seat depth can be adjusted from 13″ to 21″

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - arm height adjustment

Adjustable arm height

Arm height can be adjusted from 3″ to 14″

Cura Legacy Kinder Paediatric Neuro Chair - back length adjustment

Adjustable Back height

Arm height can be adjusted from 22″ to 36″

Removable Pressure Relief options

The Cura Kinder Legacy paediatric neuro chair can have additional pressure relief added. Below are some of the upgrade options available.


Viscoflex cushion

Memory form, Grade 2-3

Viscoflex® material is able to memorise shape; it reduces pressure and increases blood circulation by maximising the body area in contact with the cushion. For those at high to very high risk of pressure sores.


Duoform cushion

Gel & Memory form, Grade 2-3

For patients who spend a long time sitting down, the use of a pressure relieving cushion may be necessary to prevent the development of pressure sores. The Duoform Gel Pressure Relief Cushion is constructed of gel and high resistance foam to provide excellent pressure relief. This is a versatile and capable pressure sore cushion and can be used when a patient is at an increased or high risk of developing pressure sores.


Roho air cell cushion

Air, Grade 3-4

The Mosaic cushion is especially suited for users who require a cushion for basic level skin protection, support and comfort. Using Air Floatation technology, the MOSAIC cushion is not only comfortable, but the use of interconnected air cells to distribute forces evenly across the cushion allows it to be used effectively for low risk skin protection.


Carlilex Carichair air cushion

Battery Powered Alternation Air, Grade 3-4

The smaller Semi-automatic mobile cushion system with battery backup – defying the constraint of time and place for uninterrupted, around-the-clock care. Whenever, wherever.

cura-porta-select-carlilex-Carichair Overlay-cushion-option

Carichair Air Cell Overlay

Air & Memory form, Grade 3-4

Semi-automatic mobile alternating overlay system with battery backup for uninterrupted,
around-the-clock care. Whenever, wherever. 
Giving you the care you need, whenever, wherever. The Carilex CariChair is the advanced mobile alternating overlay system that offers uninterrupted, active therapy for patients on-the-go. With CariChair, the patients no longer need to be confined to the bed for pressure ulcer treatment. 


Relevium cushion

Memory form, Grade 2-3

The Relevium (latin for Relief) is a revolutionary memory foam, seat cushion that uses honeycomb contour technology. This allows the cells within the seat, to act independently, helping to reduce friction and prevent pressure points individually, still supporting weight distribution to the sacral area.

Available colours & fabrics

We can bring the actual material swatches with us when we carry out a seating assessment for you. Please note that colours shown here may vary slightly from the actual colours.

VP fabric colour options

VP is short for vapour permeable. Having the seating surface finished in a VP material has many advantages as this type of fabric is waterproof and at the same time breathable. As it allows vapour to travel right through the cover at a controlled rate it reduces risk of internal infection entrapment and optimises core micro-climate

VP fabrics are also 4 way stretch

Our VP material has the benefit of being able to stretch is 4 directions (4 way stretch) which means it is flexible, has low friction, so avoids skin abrasions and is kind & gentle to the skin. 

We are able to provide the outer surfaces of your chair in any of the materials shown above plus a layer of VP material on the contact areas of the chair, i.e. seat base and backrest. Or the complete chair can have VP material.

Additional information


Cura seating

Weight Limit

110 – 120kg


Adjustable Leg Elevation, Adjustable seat depth, Back support options, Braked castors, Folding footplate, Hand Control, Made to Measure, Manual or electric tilting options, Removable Pressure Relief, Safety Belt, Tilt-in-Space, Wide fabric selections

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