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Modular Access Ramps

  • 500kg weight limit
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-slip grip surface
  • Endless configurations
  • Multiple size options
  • FREE site survey
  • Re-usable/recyclable


Regain access to your home or garden with our extremely strong, reusable and adaptable modular ramp systems, available in 3 widths and up to 1m high, with or without handrails. 

The modular design of our pedestrian, wheelchair and scooter ramps means that should any components have a fault or become too weather-worn, it is straightforward to replace and fix the ramp without taking the whole system apart or digging anything up. 

Our engineers and technicians complete the construction and installation of a ramp system quickly and with minimal fuss & disruption.

The 24-7 Modular Ramps Systems have been carefully designed from modular and adjustable components manufactured and stocked in quantity, ready for quick dispatch and installation. These wheelchair ramps for steps can help people pass through the steps of their house using a wheelchair.

  • Our durable systems are easy to select, specify and install and give endless configurations with superb results.
  • Our range of modular wheelchair ramps and ramp systems offer great solutions for where platforms, handrails or simply a permanently installed external ramp is required.
  • Available in multiple configurations to suit the individual’s requirements – highly adaptable, completely modular ramps for wheel chairs, mobility scooters, walking frame and rollator users  and all other mobility devices.
  • Perfect for homes, easy to remove, recycle and add to when needs change, avoiding any disruptive demolition work

What is a modular ramp?

A modular ramp is composed of smaller component parts that are then connected together to provide a flexible & long lasting solution to the access issues you are facing. All of the ramp styles in our product line are modular.

The benefits of modular ramp systems:

Our ramp systems connect through a “tongue and groove” connection system, which gives great strength & stability when connected. The ramp and platform sections are light enough to carry one or two people and create a secure connection when assembled.

We can move a leg to avoid a tree stump during the installation, as the ramp design allows for flexibility. Additionally, if the site conditions have changed from the evaluation/survey, minor part swaps will allow the installer to get the best fit possible.

What happens if, following a bad storm for example, a tree limb falls onto your ramp, destroying the handrails it fell on? It’s an easy fix, where the we can simply uninstall a portion of the ramp, replace the damaged handrails, and reconnect the ramp.

Only the damaged portions will need to be replaced with a modular ramp, making repairs more cost-efficient than a permanent ramp.

The ramp can be removed within a few hours if no longer needed, with minimal lasting impact on your property.

There may be a few places where the grass will need to grow back, but within no time, your home will look as it did before the ramp installation.

The ramp can then be re-purposed or recycled easily.

Contact us today to book your free ramp survey & quotation

We offer our clients a free on-site survey where we will find out what issues you are facing, survey the area where you require a ramp, get measurements and find the best solution for the issues that you are facing. 

Once the survey is complete we are then able to give you a full quotation which will include the supply of the ramp itself and the installation costs, with no hidden charges. Use the form below to get in touch today.

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