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Astor Kiva – Height Adjustable assistive bath

  • 280kg weight limit
  • Height adjustable
  • Hoist friendly
  • extra smooth operation
  • Battery power backup


The Kiva height adjustable assisted bath with large capacity has been designed and built by Astor Bannerman without compromise. Generous internal and external dimensions help to give more comfort and space for the bather to stretch and relax their muscles, or include a range of bathing support products. The bath can be combined with an Astor Neatfold Stretcher which can be used for drying & changing after the user has bathed. The free-standing Kiva bath is one of the original capacious baths in the disability bathing market that looks and feels like a true classic bath and has been specifically designed to blend into any bathroom environment.

  • Maximum Working Load: 280 kg (44 st)
  • Height Range: 700 mm – 1000 mm (300 mm)
  • External Dimensions: 196 0mm (L) x 755 mm (W)
  • Height-adjustable (mains electric)
  • Handset operation
  • Handset controlled auto fill (with low profile taps only)
  • Battery backup
  • Floor and ceiling hoist access
  • Extra quiet and smooth

The Astor Kiva height adjustable assisted bath combined with an Astor Neatfold Stretcher gives a perfect 3-in-1 bathing, changing and showering solution. As the stretcher is neatly folded away on the top of the bath for bathing, the capacity of the bath is not compromised.

The bather can enjoy a relaxing bath whilst being fully immersed in the water without any restriction of a changing surface in the bath with them. When the bather is ready to be dried and changed, they can be simply hoisted vertically, the stretcher can be slid into place underneath them and they can be lowered straight onto the comfortable hammocking dry surface.

Generous internal and external dimensions help to give more comfort and space for the bather to stretch and relax their muscles, or include a range of bathing support products. The Kiva’s large capacity allows for the use of internal supports to flexibly create a bespoke bathing solution to suit individual needs throughout their life.

As with all Astor Bannerman baths, the Kiva high low bath is made using the highest quality materials including twin actuators and smooth rail systems to ensure stability and is one of the quietest height adjustable baths on the market today.

As is the case with all of the Astor assistive bath range – The Kiva includes a battery backup, so the bath can be re-positioned for transfer in the event of a power cut.

With clear access for mobile hoists and ceiling hoists, the Kiva assisted bath comes with a range of features and options to suit the ever changing needs of the user, from childhood through to adulthood. The Kiva bath is designed to help people get on with life.

When the Kiva is in the lowest position, it can be used by all the family then raised to a comfortable working height for ease of assisted bathing and care to reduce the risk of back strain. The Kiva disability care bath has a full warranty for complete peace of mind and has range of thermostatic mixer tap options and a WRAS approved gantry shower if required.

  • Astor Neatfold Stretcher
  • Astor Neatfold Bath Cradle
  • Astor Body Support Cushion
  • Astor Grip Strip Half Moon 500 mm Bolster
  • Astor Grip Strip Half Moon 1000 mm Bolster
  • Astor Grip Strip Head Vacuum Support Cushion
  • Astor Grip Strip Knee Wedge Bolster
  • Astor Grip Strip Head Wedge Bolster
  • Astor Side and Base Support Cushions
  • Astor Padded Vacuum Head Support Cushion

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  • Range of thermostatic valves with shower attachment
  • WRAS shower gantry system
  • Neatfold shower and changing stretcher
  • Air spa system
  • Integrated Bluetooth music/sound system
  • LED colour-changing light system
  • Internal knee block
  • Telescopic knee support brace
  • Body support cushions
  • Head and neck support cushions
  • Universal removable footboard
  • 3 Stage backrest support

Many different models are suitable for a variety of users. Contact us for impartial advice on which particular product could benefit you.

Additional information



Weight Limit

270kg – 280kg


Adjustable Height, Back-Up Power, Bluetooth Sound option, Emergency battery back up, Handset operation, LED Light System, Neatfold stretcher, Range of taps, Spa system option

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