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Etude Plus Profiling Community Bed

  • 165Kg user weight limit
  • 200Kg safe working load
  • Low bed height option
  • Auto-Regression
  • Easy maintenance
  • Accessories available


The Etude Plus community care bed comes with great features as standard, making it perfect for use at home or in a care environment. The features span across aesthetics, functionality, flexibility, ease of handling & durability, etc. Transporting and installing the bed is easy and can be done by one person making the Etude Plus bed an ideal choice. Assembly and disassembly of the bed is just a breeze, and it can be used with an optional transport trolley if you need to move the bed from one location to another.

Etude Plus profiling community profiling (medical) bed is built with a deep understanding of a user’s comfort and safety. Therefore, the bed comes with an extra low height setting, which ensures safety for users who are likely to fall off the bed. This low-level ability can also assist users to get in and out of bed more easily and for additional safety, there is a version of the hand controller that can be locked, so if required the settings can only be changed by the carer or healthcare staff.

This bed does not include side rails as standard. See downloadable guide (below) to compatible side rails

Etude Plus community profiling bed features & options

Medley Ergo Plus community profiling bed support handle
Etude Plus profiling bed easy maintenance
Etude Plus hand controller

Support handle

This option makes getting in and out of bed much easier for the patient.

Easy maintenance

IPX6 motors can be dismantled without tools. The cabling between the control unit and the motor is easy to access and replaced.

Hand controller

Slim, ergonomic hand control. Choose yours with or without lockable functions.

Etude Plus auto regression
Etude Plus profiling bed design
Etude Plus Low Opinion


Improved user comfort when seated, reduces shear & friction.

Attractive design

With its wooden plate on both sides of the bed end and full-length wooden side rail, the Etude Plus fits perfectly into any domestic environment, whether cosy or contemporary.

Etude Plus Low bed

The extra low height levels are a great benefit of the Etude Plus Low bed, increasing safety and reducing the risk of injury for people who are prone to falling out of bed.

The streamlined, discreet design of the Etude Plus perfectly complements any home interior. As the bed can be configured with steel or wooden side rails with the option of ordering the bed with an extra wood plate to cover the bed end actuator if required. 

Small details make a big difference to personal comfort, as the Etude Plus can be customized with auto-regression for increased comfort and reduction in shear and friction. The standard, built-in double-brackets are designed to suit any client’s transfer needs by offering different positions (giving an entrance height of 400 mm or a lower alternative height of 330 mm).

Portability and storage are key benefits of the Etude Plus community profiling bed. Its simplistic design allows easy assembly and dismantling without tools, and the process can be safely and comfortably managed by one person (each section weighs less than 25 kg). The bed ends can be easily attached to the optional transport unit making the Etude Plus lightweight and manoeuvrable for handling and storage.

The Etude Plus fully conforms to the IEC 60601-2-52 standard for medical beds. This equates to the highest degree of safety for both client and carer. The Etude Plus is compatible with three different ranges of side rails which all meet these stringent safety standards.

The Etude Plus is compatible with three different ranges of side rails which all meet these stringent IEC 60601-2-52 safety standards.

Easy, quick attachment of a mattress that supports bed ends with different heights for different purposes.

The Etude Plus community profiling bed can be dismantled and assembled without tools. The cabling between the control unit and the motor can be accessed and replaced easily. The motors (actuators) can also be removed/dismantled without tools

This provides enhanced comfort for the user when seated and provides reduced shear & friction.

The Etude Plus range comes with a slim ergonomic hand controller. You can choose the one with or without lockable functions.

The low platform height of the Etude Low bed increases safety and reduces the risk of people susceptible to falling from the bed. The mattress platform height is adjustable between 20-60 cm and 27-67 cm.

The Etude Plus range has an available transport kit, making the easy to store and transport.

What benefits can an adjustable bed height provide?

The capability to lower and raise the height of a bed can offer benefits to those who use the bed daily and their carers. Setting the bed to the correct height is particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility. This can help get in and out of bed, especially for those who can self-transfer into a wheelchair. The function can also be used to assist an individual in achieving a semi-standing position. Reducing the height of the bed can also offer increased security against falls due to the position of the bed being closer to the floor.

Some beds offer a shallow height, such as only 21cm, from the floor and, when used with a padded mat at the side of the bed, can offer more protection from injury. For example, those prone to leaving their bed unexpectedly at night. Raising the height of the bed to an ergonomic height is particularly useful for carers as it allows them to care for their clients at a safe working height, therefore reducing their risk of back strain and associated injury.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members to get a quote or advice.

Etude Plus profiling community bed specifications

Width outside:  1020mm
Width inside:  900mm
Length outside:  2190mm
Length inside:  2070mm
Four-section mattress support: 850 – 240 – 350 – 800mm
Backrest angle:  0 – 70°
Thigh angle:  0 – 18°
Legrest lift: 0 – 25°
Tilt function: 11°
Weight: 75.4kg
Safe working load: 200kg (31.5 stone)
Maximum user weight: 165kg (26 stone)
Heaviest part: Head section (24.6kg)

Etude Plus Profiling community bed accessories

Etue Plus transportation fitting

Transport kit

Easy to store and transport when placed on the transport kit.

Etude Plus Brit V side rails

Britt V siderails

Full-length side rails in beech. Compliant with IEC 60601-2-52.

Line extendable side rails

Line extended siderails

Full-length aluminium side rails. Compliant with IEC 60601-2-52.

Etude Plus bed siderail height extender

Siderail height extender

Height of full-length side rails can be increased by 150 mm.

Etude Plus bed Scala basic side rails

Scala Basic 2 side rails

Collapsible steel side rail.

Etude Plus bed Scala basic plus 2 side rails

Scala Basic Plus 2 side rails

Collapsible steel side rail with plastic inserts at the mounting brackets.

Etude Plus bed - Scala medium 2 side rails

Scala Medium 2 side rails

Collapsible steel side rail for higher mattresses.

Bed siderail

Scala Decubi 2 side rails

Collapsible steel side rail for extra high mattresses.

Etude Plus bed cover for wooden side rails

Wooden side rail padded cover

Padded cover for wooden side rails. Cover remains in place when side rail is lowered. Available in standard, extended, short and net.

Etude Plus bed swivel support handle

Swivel support handle

The swivel support handle makes it possible to swing the legs out over the handle before the grip is folded out. Can be used alone or in pairs.

Lifting pole

Lifting Pole

Light and easily adjustable (optional).

Etude Plus Mattress support extension

Mattress support extension

For the ultimate in customisation and comfort, choose between an extension of 100 or 200 mm.

Additional information



Weight Limit

160kg – 170kg, 200kg – 210kg


Auto-Regression, Bed end options, Braked castors, Compact storage, Extendable mattress platform, Hand Control

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