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Aquatec Orca NG Bathlift

  • SWL 140kg/170Kg
  • Reclining backrest
  • Integrated head support
  • Electronic mechanism
  • Floating hand controller


The Orca Bath Lift (bathlift) has an adjustable recline backrest and integrated head support, making it particularly suitable for those who prefer to bathe in an upright or reclined position. Along with other products in the orca range, it is a popular choice for those looking for assistance and increased independence when using the bath but at an affordable price.

Its robust seating platform and electronic scissor mechanism enable the user to safely transfer onto the bath chair and effortlessly lower themselves down into the bath using the ergonomically designed floating hand control. 

The Orca has a textured seat, making it suitable for use without a cover (non-slip covers are available separately). In addition, it has hinged side flaps extending to the bath rim, thereby assisting safe side transfers in and out of the seat. The bath seat can be raised back up level to the edge of the bath, assisting the user with a safe transfer to their feet.

The Orca NG XL version is available with a higher weight capacity of 170Kg.

The Orca Bath Lift with a fixed backrest is ideal for home and in a nursing home or care setting. In addition, several innovative features come to deliver an all-around pleasurable and safe bathing experience. 

The Orca’s smooth surface and water drainage design make it easy to clean.

The Orca baath lift has an impressive user weight limit of 140kg (22stone).

The Orca’s lowering and lifting motion is controlled by a simple-to-use, lightweight, ergonomic floating handset with a powerful integral rechargeable lightweight battery, raised profile coloured buttons and an emergency stop feature.

The backrest and base section can then be removed from the bath with ease. The two sections fit neatly into one another to give an extremely compact size for storage.

Orca bathlift Textured seat surface

Textured seat surface

The Orca has a textured surface allowing use without covers if desired.

Orca bath lift Two-piece design

Two-piece design

When pushed forward the Orca’s backrest folds down and automatically unlocks. The backrest and base section can then be removed from the bath with ease.

Easy to clean seat

Easy to clean

The open, clean-cut design of the Orca combines with its smooth surface to offer effortless cleaning.

Aquatec Orca NG & XL Bathlift Key Features

Reclining backrest

Individually adjustable backrest for secure positioning.

Height-adjustable headrest

For the optional safe support of the head and neck area. Recommended in conjunction with the special backrest.

Custom-built side flaps

The Aquatec Orca is available with a custom-built side flaps option that facilitates easy, safe transfer from the lift, by giving a secure flat surface to transfer from.

Safety belts

Aquatec Orca comes with an optional safety belt to hold the user securely.

Side flap deflectors

It is an option and to be used for hand grips in the bathtub. The side flap deflector can also be shortened when required.

Aquatec Orca NG & XL Dimensions


Orca NG 1573866 White Covers / 1573876 Blue Covers  / Orca NG XL 1573686


375 mm (without side flaps) 715 mm (with side flaps)


590 mm


420 mm (max,) – 60 mm (min.)


360 mm


665 mm


580 x 295 mm




Orca & XL 650 mm (backrest upright) – 920 mm (backrest reclined) / Orca F 690 mm (backrest upright)


1075 mm


1075 mm


140 kg / XL 170 kg


10,8 kg (without hand control)


3 mm



What is a bath lift?

The majority of bath lifts are simply a seat securely fitted into the bath. When the bath lift is raised into an upright position, it should become level with the top of the bath. When it comes to taking a bath, the person using it can safely sit in the bath lift. They will then move their feet and legs into the bath filled with water. The next step is to lower the seat into the bath and enjoy the independence of bathing alone.

The benefits of a bath lift

  • The main benefit of installing a bath lift in your home is that it provides convenience and independence to elderly or disabled users.
  • A bath lift is also easily operated through a handheld remote so that any carer, family member, or individual can be safely moved in and out of the bath.
  • Not only is it a supportive and comfortable seat to sit in, but the main safety feature is that the bath lift will not start if there is not enough power to move the person into it.
  • A bath lift is a cost-effective solution to installing a walk-in bath.

If you are unsure which bath lift to purchase, please seek the advice of an Occupational Therapist who will be able to assess the most suitable option to meet your needs fully. Many different models are suitable for a variety of users. Contact us for impartial advice on which particular product could benefit you.

Additional information



Weight Limit

140kg – 150kg


Controlled bathing, Extreme comfort, Fixed back, Floating hand controller, Height & depth-adjustable, Machine-washable, Waterproof

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