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Invacare Essential Care foam mattress

  • 140kg weight limit
  • Entry-level mattress
  • Pressure care control
  • Cut foam castellations
  • Washable cover


If you are looking for an ideal mattress for patient comfort, Essential Care is the solution. This mattress developed by Invacare has a unique quality of its kind that only shares with the other mattresses of our brand

The distribution of pressure not only provides great comfort to the patient, but something much more important – given its interior in castellation cuts, it responds to the need of each individual to protect themselves from obtaining pressure ulcers, whether their risk is large or small. This makes Essential Care a perfect solution for those patients who must stay in bed for a long period by a mandatory recovery.

Another thing that worries us a lot when it comes to keeping a patient in bed is the durability and maintenance of the mattress. Essential Care by Invacare brings us a perfect solution given its coverage is made of a polyurethane fabric, woven in a way that forms a multi-stretch layer and, even better, it is waterproof. 

These advantages added to its modern design not only ensure durability, but they allow the recovery of the patient on a surface that reduces friction and shear forces, characteristics that can further magnify its main function: weight distribution and avoiding pressure ulcers.

Invacare Essential Care foam mattress Key features

Durable cover​ mattress

Durable cover

Multi-stretch, water-resistant, polyurethane fabric provides excellent recovery and durability, which helps to reduce shear and friction forces.

invacare essential care mattress

Cut foam castellations

Improves comfort and ensures effective pressure redistribution.

  • Essential Care comes in 2 thickness sizes for patient comfort: 2000 x 880 x 150 mm and 2000 x 880 x 120 mm. In this way, the patient can choose the mattress that best suits their rest: a more rigid surface, or a more padded.
  • Castellation cuts in the foam of the mattress, which helps the uniform distribution of the patient’s weight throughout the mattress providing comfort and safety.
  • A cleaning temperature of up to 95 °C, which allows cleaning with hot water without damaging the mattress and removing difficult stains or dirt.
  • Multi-stretch polyurethane fabric ensures minimal friction in the patient, preventing ulcers or skin damage.
  • Zipped around 3 sides for ease of inspection and makes laundering a lot easier.
  • It allows a large amount of maximum weight: 110kg for its 120 mm thick version and up to 140kg for its 150 mm thick version.

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Preventing pressure ulcers

It can be challenging to prevent pressure ulcers completely, but there are some things you or your care team can do to reduce the risk. These include:

  • Regularly changing your position – if you’re unable to change position yourself, a relative or carer will need to help you
  • Checking your skin every day for early signs and symptoms of pressure ulcers – this will be done by your care team if you’re in a hospital or care home
  • Have a healthy, balanced diet that contains enough protein and a good variety of vitamins and minerals – if you’re concerned about your diet or caring for someone whose diet may be poor, ask your GP or healthcare team for a referral to a dietitian
  • Stopping smoking – smoking makes you more likely to get pressure ulcers because of the damage caused to blood circulation

If you’re in a hospital or care home, your healthcare team should be aware of the risk of developing pressure ulcers. They should carry out a risk assessment, monitor your skin and use preventative measures, such as regular repositioning.

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