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Xtra-Lite Portable “Suitcase” Ramp

  • 250-450Kg weight limit
  • Multiple lengths available
  • Lightweight
  • Folds Lengthwise
  • Remarkably strong
  • Non-slip surface
  • Grip handle


Our Xtra-Lite Portable “suitcase” Ramp is a lightweight, nevertheless remarkably strong ramp that is ideal for providing access to buildings. This is a foldable ramp that clips together to make carrying and storing more convenient. 

The anti-slip grippy surface of the Xtra-Lite Portable Ramp helps users to come up and down safely, even in wet or icy conditions.

Quick and easy to deploy, the lightweight Xtra-Lite folding suitcase ramp is an all-around winner in real-life situations. The ramp folds lengthwise for transportation and includes an ergonomic fold-away handle for ease of transportation.


The load capacity for the Length-Fold Wheelchair Ramps ranges from 250Kg to 450Kg – depending on length.

Xtra-Lite "Suitcase" ramp video

Xtra-Lite "Suitcase" ramp range specifications

CodeLengthRamp Width*Lip WidthCapacityWeightStored Dimensions LxWxD
AX660cm (2′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)450kg (71st)4.9kg (11lbs)60 x 39 x 8cm
AX990cm (3′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)450kg (71st)6.6kg (15lbs)90 x 39 x 8cm
AX12120cm (4′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)400kg (63st)8.6kg (19lbs)120 x 39 x 8cm
AX15150cm (5′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)10.4kg (23lbs)150 x 39 x 8cm
AX18180cm (6′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)350kg (55st)12.3kg (27lbs)180 x 39 x 8cm
AX21210cm (7′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)300kg (47st)14.2kg (31lbs)210 x 39 x 8cm
AX24240cm (8′)76cm (30″)71.4cm (28.1″)250kg (39st)16kg (35lbs)240 x 39 x 8cm

* Ramp width excludes handles

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Why choose a portable wheelchair ramp?

While there has been some improvement in the availability of access ramps in public buildings, there will be many occasions when a pedestrian, wheelchair or mobility scooter user finds it difficult to access a facility. One increasingly popular solution is the use of portable wheelchair ramps. These can be folded up and transported in a vehicle, providing a convenient way to maintain independence.

Although there are various types of portable wheelchair ramps out there, they come in two styles: double-track or single platform, although you will also find a range of threshold ramps that can be used in the home. 

A portable ramp should be able to accommodate use by anyone using a powered wheelchair or a manual chair, as well as scooters and walkers, and both safety and functionality should be priorities when deciding whether to use

Additional information

Weight Limit

250kg – 260kg, 350kg – 360kg


Anti-slip surface, Available in 7 sizes, Compact storage, Folds and clips, Lightweight ramp, Portable ramp, Suitable for Step Access, Wheelchair ramp

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