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Molift Mover 205 portable patient hoist

  • 205kg weight limit
  • Compact construction
  • Intuitive hand control
  • Quick release spreader bar
  • Unique push handles


All-round mobile hoist for all situations A workhorse for frequent and everyday use Molift Mover 205 is a flexible, all-around mobile hoist for all hoisting and transfer situations in nursing, institutional and hospital settings. Although having a low total weight of 39.3 kg facilitating wheeling and manoeuvrability, the unique construction allows a safe working load of 205 kg.

Excellent reach, low and high

Molift Mover 205 has an excellent hoisting height, of 36–180 cm. It has a standard 4-point sling bar that used together with a Molift Sling provides a comfortable and spacious position for the user. A quick-release function provides options for other sling bars in different dimensions. The version with support arms can be used for walking and gait training activities. The hoist is powered by an environmentally friendly NiMh battery.

Features & options

Molift mover 205 patient hoist stretcher option

Easy hoisting with a stretcher

The Molift Stretcher can be used directly on the standard 4-point suspension, making it easy to hoist a multiple trauma patient, a patient with suspected spinal cord injuries, or an unconscious patient.

Molift mover 205 patient hoist quick release

Unique patented Quick release

Molift Mover has a standard 4-point sling bar with a quick release function which makes it easy to change to other sling bars in different sizes.

Molift mover 205 patient hoist push handles

Unique push bar

The unique push bar provides the best possible natural grip, creating good ergonomics and many grip possibilities.

Molift mover 205 patient hoist spreader bar

Alternative sling bar options

The hoist can be used with both a 2-point and 4-point sling bar. The sling bars are available in many variants and can easily be replaced without tools.

Molift Mover 205 accessories

molift mover 205 & 300 battery charger

Molift Battery & Charger

The charger can be placed on the wall or on a tabletop. It provides optimal charging, and alters automatically between our different sizes of battery packs

molift mover 205 & 300 4 point spreader bars

Molift 4-point sling bars

Molift sling bars are made of aluminum, which means they have a very low weight. This, together with a quick release coupling

molift mover 205 & 300 scales

Molift Weight Scale

The Molift Air weight scale is approved Class III and complies with all technical standards. It can also calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) with a simple touch.

molift mover 205 2 point spreader bars

Molift 2-point sling bars

Molift sling bars are made of aluminum so have a very low weight. This, together with a quick release coupling, makes them very easy for the care provider to change.

Molift Mover 205 portable patient hoist specifications

Battery charge time (hours)3Maximum user weight (kg)205
Hoisting height max (mm)1805Rated performance50 hoists at: 75 kg and 500 mm
Hoisting height min (mm)355Service softwareIncluded
Hoisting interval (mm)1450Width chassis, legs open inner (mm)1065
Hoisting speed 75 kg (mm/sec)40Width chassis, outer (mm)690
Length (mm)1285  

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Weight Limit



4 point spreader bar, Compact casing, Multiple slings option, Quick release spreader bar

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