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Immedia OneWayGlide

  • 150Kg Max user weight
  • Stops sliding in chairs
  • Long open cushion
  • Slide in one direction
  • Straps for safety
  • Available in 4 options


Immedia OneWayGlide – For controlled and easy positioning

The OneWayGlide is a cushion that allows sliding easily in one direction whilst resisting sliding in the other direction. It is suitable for users who slide forward when sitting. OneWayGlide facilitates independent or assisted positioning back in the chair. 

Available in four different versions:

OneWayGlide non-slip

A tubular cushion with a non-slip outer material that grips any surface. It can be combined with a cotton cover when necessary.

OneWayGlide velour

A tubular cushion with velour material. It is more comfortable to sit on but needs to be used on a textile surface.

OneWayGlide pad

A one-layer pad with a velour top suitable for use directly on a textile surface.

OneWayGlide Long

The OneWayGlide Long is an extended, open cushion with handles and a velour top. Its length enables repositioning to be performed multiple times in a single application. The handles ensure a good grip, allowing the caregiver to assist. It is available in variants with or without strings. The strings are used to tie the cushion to the wheelchair frame when necessary.

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The use of OneWayGlide aid

immedia onewayglide

Using the Immedia OneWayGlide eases repositioning when the user slides forward in the wheelchair.

immedia onewayglide

To move backwards in the wheelchair the user must lean forward, hold the armrest and push towards the backrest using their arms and, if possible, legs.

immedia onewayglide

When the user is upright again, the unique design of the Immedia OneWayGlide will prevent the user from sliding out of the chair.

Variants and details

 Item numberLength (mm)MaterialWidth (mm)
OneWayGlide Non-SlipIM39/8370Non-Slip, polyester fibre, nylon430
OneWayGlide Non-SlipIM38/8450Non-Slip, polyester fibre, nylon450
OneWayGlide Non-SlipIM37/8800Non-Slip, polyester fibre, nylon600
OneWayGlide VelourIM45/8370Velour, polyester fiber, nylon430
OneWayGlide VelourIM50/8500Velour, polyester fiber, nylon420
OneWayGlide Velour PadIM44/8370Velour, polyester fiber, nylon430
OneWayGlide Long w/straps VelourIM33/81300Velour, polyester fibre, nylon400
OneWayGlide Long VelourIM34/81300Velour, polyester fibre, nylon400
OneWayGlide Long VelourIM51/81300Velour, polyester fiber, nylon450
OneWayGlide Long VelourIM35/81300Velour, polyester fibre, nylon550

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What is a slide sheet?

A Slide Sheets system consists of two layers of low-friction material that work together to reduce friction. As a patient is moved, one layer stays in contact with the patient, whilst the other layer stays in contact with the supporting surface.

This allows the material to slide against itself, thus reducing friction and shear to the patient’s skin and reducing user effort. Slide Sheets currently come in varying types, flat, tubular and hybrid (a combination of both flat and tubular), with each of these available in the form of disposable (single patient use or single-use) and reusable (washable)

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Etac, Immedia

Weight Limit



Available in various sizes, Ideal for wheelchair users, Low-friction, positioning and repositioning, Reduces harmful pressure, Reduces side-to-side friction, Tubular design

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