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What does a stairlift assessment involve?

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A stairlift assessment is a process of evaluating your home and your particular needs, to determine if a stairlift is the right solution for you.

The stairlift assessment will typically involve the following steps

  • A surveyor will come to your home and measure the stairs & staircase. They will need to discover the length, width, and angle of the stairs, as well as the location of any obstacles such as radiators, pipework, windows, low bulkheads etc.
  • The surveyor will enquire about any medical conditions or any physical limitations you have that may affect your ability to mount, dismount and operate a stairlift.
  • They will need to know if you can use a stairlift independently or if you will need assistance.
  • The surveyor may want to discuss your budget and if you have any preferences for the type or brand of stairlift.
  • Depending on the outcome of the assessment they may recommend a straight stairlift, curved stairlift with various additional options, or a different solution completely?

Factors that will be considered during a stairlift assessment

  • The type of stairs in your home. Stairlifts can be installed on straight stairs, curved stairs, or even spiral stairs.
  • The width of the stairway. The stairlift must allow enough room on the staircase to allow people to allow other people to pass it on the stairs without difficulty.
  • The length of the stairs. The stairlift must be able to reach all of the levels in your home.
  • The weight capacity of the stairlift. The stairlift must be able to support your weight and the weight of any other passengers.
  • Your medical condition and any physical limitations. The stairlift must be easy for you to use, even if you have limited mobility.
  • Your budget. Stairlifts and any additional options can range greatly in price, so knowing your approximate budget will help them identify which brand or model of stairlift they will recommend for you.  

If you are considering a stairlift, it is important to have a stairlift assessment or survey done beforehand. This will help you determine if a stairlift is the right solution for you and your home. We offer free, no obligation stairlift surveys and assessments, after which we can offer you the right stairlift which will meet your needs now and in the future.

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