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What is a patient positioning bed system

The patient positioning bed system is a unique and innovative in-bed system designed to automatically reposition patients for pressure ulcer injury prevention, as well as support families and carers with daily moving and handling tasks, such as sling application and transfers into and out of bed.

The Soft Tilt system reduces the need to wake the user to reposition them throughout the night, as the bed can be programmed to reposition to pre-set parameters. The almost silent control system will continue to re-position without waking the occupant. So, the patient can wake rested and relaxed in the morning.

The remote control will allow the carer (or user) up to 60 degrees of tilt which is an industry first! So, with a maximum angle of 60 degrees, it offers the best solution on the market today and is compatible with Invacare’s SB755, a high specification profiling community nursing bed.

Over the last decade, there has been a big move towards single-handed care in the world of moving and handling, and from an economic view, it makes sense.

The repositioning is automatic
– You can programme the unit to gently turn people after pre-set periods, and you can even position them at different angles during the night, as needed by their condition.

Patients with Soft Tilt have better sleep
– They will be less likely to be awake due to discomfort, and by gently moving them, they’re more likely to stay asleep. A better-rested patient is a happier and healthier patient.

There’s less chance of a pressure ulcer developing
– Due to the regular repositioning of the body, it’s less likely for the patient to develop complications when resting in bed for long periods. Turning the body at regular intervals reduces the pressure damage risk that can cause severe skin injuries.

It reduces some of the heavy liftings for staff
– How often have you ended a shift with backache? Having to lift a person multiple times a day and having to do so for several people is bound to take its toll on workers. Installing a Soft Tilt makes your facility a safer place to work by preventing work acquired injuries.

The system makes single carer working environments more viable
– If you work by yourself, using Soft Tilt on your patients’ beds will make moving and handling much easier. It also means that fewer visits are needed to help the patient. This frees you to deal with other tasks, and lets you know that the patient is receiving good care while you’re busy elsewhere. Furthermore, it makes it possible to have fewer members of staff on call. Using Soft Tilt could significantly reduce care costs allowing money to be spent on providing better care for patients elsewhere.

Soft Tilt makes other care tasks easier
– By using the tilting function, it is easier to apply a sling, and glide sheets may no longer be needed. Other aspects of personal care like changing someone’s clothes should become easier too.

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