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Professional Rotating Bed and Mattress

  • Weight limit up to 185Kg
  • Bed-to-chair function
  • Adjustable rotation
  • Battery backup
  • Mattress included


Based on an Innovative Rotational Chair design, the Professional Rotating Beds have a robust construction to bring back mobility, dignity and independence to users of all shapes, heights and sizes. This bed can be offered to weight-bearing people who walk but struggle to transfer from sitting to standing. The attractive beech timber bed frame and specially designed pressure-reducing mattress enable users to get into and out of bed unassisted.

The Professional Rotating Bed family offers various model options for people with varying needs. However, the professional rotating bed standard is suggested for people 5ft 5 inches and above and up to 20 Stones (125kg). The professional rotating bed presents a lower height range for users of a shorter height (recommended for 5ft 4in and below).

Adjustable profiling beds

When selecting a bed, ensuring that the height is suitable is very important to provide safety and comfort whilst getting in and out of bed. As mentioned in our previous article, most electric profiling beds have height adjustment as standard; however, there is an increasing emergence of ‘low’ beds that offer lower entry height to assist with self-transfer and provide enhanced safety.

What is a profiling bed?

A profiling bed is an excellent option for people who may need additional support when positioning in bed or spending extended periods in bed. Profiling beds are electric, height-adjustable beds commonly used in care homes, domestic homes and hospitals. Profiling beds are generally used for patients with disabilities, poor mobility, and the elderly. The backrest and leg section can be adjusted to an upright position by the user to a suitable position.

Ideally, they will use the contour position, which engages the leg and backrest movement simultaneously to enable better positioning and reduce the risk of pressure, shear and friction to the user. In addition, the lower foot section where the feet are located can be raised or lowered to enable better comfort and positioning.

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